Muu kieli kuin kuin suomi

Sure, this woman is admired and even loved by millions. But the forces on the other side of that equation proved stronger and louder. – Susanna Schrobsdorff, Time 25.9.2017, s. 51.

Kelly could be famously blunt. Asked about the rise of ISIS in 2016, he said, "As a military guy, it's simple for me. My part of this equation is to kill as many of them as we can." – Michael Dyffy, Time 21.8.2017, s. 25.

The ugly part of the Snowden equation is the rampant growth of public disdain for politicians, government agencies and even politics – according to recent polls, four out of five Americans distrust their government. – Edward Jay Epstein, Newsweek International 20.1.2017, s. 44.

In the grand scheme of things, numbers mean everything: our very bodies are made of equations. – Stephanie Zacharek, Time 16.1.2017, s. 44.

The effect [of building mobile phones with a hardware that automatically erases the memory after 10 wrong guesses of the pin-code] would be to render controversies like the present one moot and remove Apple from the legal equation completely, bootsrapping it out like the Lorax. – Lev Grosman, Time 28.3.2016, s. 31.

Ever-increasing size of the processor chips with increasing number of transistors combined with raising clock frequencies is a hard equation. – Markku Koskimiehen pro gradu -tutkielma Constructing A General Purpose Cellular Computer, Oulun Yliopisto, 7.5.2010.

At the heart of the challenge is an equation nobody has solved: how to balance complex variables like safety and convenience, and economics and efficiency, all while convincing politicians with more immediate priorities that they should forgo popular programs to invest in the unsexy realm of infrastructure. – Alex Altman, Time 23.5.2016, s. 32.