Micropezid flies in Finland (Diptera: Micropezidae)

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Slender flies with stilt-like legs. Body length 4–7 mm.

Key to North European species

Wing with strong transverse dark bands (genus Rainieria, not found in Finland)
Wing clear.
Femora basally darkened but not black at base. Anterior tarsi white, 5th segment brown. Mid and hind basitarsus dark. Rainieria latifrons
Femora black at base. Two basal segments of anterior tarsi white. All basitarsi white. Rainieria calceata
Tibiae with short bristles Head bullet-shaped Micropeza corrigiolata
Tibiae without bristles. Head shorter
Wing weins Sc and R1 ending well apart, the distance between the tips being at least as long as the outer cross-vein
Veins Sc and R1 ending closer to each other . (genus Neria)
Mesonotum with broad shining black stripes. Cnodacophora stylifera (northern Sweden & Russia)
Mesonotum entirely pruinose . Calobata petronella
Ground color of thorax red Neria ephippium
Ground color of thorax black
Mesonotum shining, pruinose only along margins Neria nigricornis
Mesonotum pruinose
Arista dark at base Frons usually entirely yellow. Male genitalia with sternite 6 with a single posterior tooth Neria cibaria
Arista yellow at base Only anterior half of frons pale Sternite 6 with a anterior protusion (between hook-shaped 5. sternites) and several teeth along lateral margins Neria commutata


  1. Calobata petronella
  2. Cnodacophora stylifera
  3. Micropeza corrigiolata
  4. Neria cibaria
  5. Neria commutata
  6. Neria dentigera - missing
  7. Neria ephippium
  8. Neria nigricornis
  9. Rainieria latifrons
  10. Rainieria petronella

Calobata petronella (Linnaeus, 1761)

In appearance rather similar to the greyish Neria species. The orange postpronotum ('shoulder') is a good field character among the Finnish species.

All of Finland, including Lapland. European distribution.

Flight time in Finland:


Micropeza corrigiolata (Linnaeus, 1767)

A smaller deep black species with a bullet-shaped head. Other Micropeza species occurring in Central Europe have yellow markings on the body.

Southern and central Finland, northernmost record from Om. Found on legumes growing on bare sand. Typical habitats are fore dunes, dry margins of beaches and sand pits with sparse vegetation. Distribution of Europe.

Flight time in Finland:


Neria cibaria (Linnaeus, 1761)

Southern and central Finland up to Om: Lohtaja. Distribution of Europe.

Flight time in Finland: June - July.


Neria commutata (Czerny, 1930)

From the south coast to northern Lapland. Distribution of Europe.

Flight time in Finland: June - July


Neria ephippium (Fabricius, 1794)

A smallish species, easily identified by the orange thorax. Wing tip slightly infuscate.

Southern and central Finland up to Oba: Liminka. Locally common in wet alder (Alnus) forests. Distribution of Europe.

Flight time in Finland: June - July.


Neria nigricornis (Zetterstedt, 1838)

Smaller than N. cibaria but larger than N. ephippium. With the shining mesonotum it needs comparison only with the non-finnish Cnodacophora stylifera (see the key).

A northern species widespread in Lapland. The southernmost Finnish record to date is from Obb: Tervola. Distribution of Europe.

Flight time in Finland: July



  1. Andersson, H. 1989. Taxonomic notes on Fennoscandian Micropezidae (Diptera). Notulae Entomol., 69: 153-162.

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