The Fly Fauna of Finland (Draft)

The current version covers only the suborder Brachycera or true flies. We hope to add the second suborder (Nematocera) one day. For more details se the introduction chapter of the downloads or the online version.


Plenty of changes in preparation for publication.
New species to a total of 3949. Added authors to family and higher taxon names (some are still missing). Moved Gymnopternus chalybeus to Ethiromyia.
New species to a total of 3925. The format remains unchanged.
New species to a total of 3881. The format remains unchanged. A change list can be created by searching for the \added and \modified commands in the LaTeX source files.
New species to a total of 3842. The format remains unchanged.
New species to a total of 3767. The format remains unchanged.
New species to a total of 3747. The format remains unchanged.
Many new species to a total of 3716. Two columns were added to the simple tabular file (FIdiptera.csv): column 3 gives the (latest) date when the species was added to the checklist, col. 4 is the family name.
Some new species in Syrphidae, Pipunculidae, Tachinidae and a few other families (as always). Started to add LaTeX date tags documenting changes in individual records. This data is still very much incomplete and it is not included in any other format for now.


The PDF version is the official (canonical) version. Other versions are provided for convenience. Current version: 1.2.2013 development snapshot.

On-line version

Jere Kahanpää