Photon Collector Observatory

A Collection of Astronomical Images
Viljo Nylund

Andromeda Galagy, M31

This is a collection of my digital astrophotography using DSLR cameras and webcams. I have also included some samples of my biological nature photography where I have made the major part of my work.

The beauty of digital astrophotography is the possibility to stack images easily from different nights or even years, i.e. to collect photons from an object. This is especially valuable for me as the weather conditions are not telescope friendly and there are trees limiting the imaging time available during one night. Some day I hope to have collected several hours of data of each interesting object. Then I could choose the best frames, stack several dozens of them and achieve great images with good signal to noise ratio, pinpoint stars etc.

My driving force in photography has always been to try to reveal objects or biological events that one cannot observe by the naked eye. This persistent idea has led me to use all kinds of equipment from electron microscopes to light microscopes, to macrophotography and telescopes. Thus, the range of objects I have photographed span from viruses to galaxies and nebulas.

Please, take a look at the images.

Astronomical Photography

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