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Filla och Salka

Filla and Salka in my garden photo: Tuula Pessa

FIN CH, BH TUNTURIKETUN SALKAVALKA (FIN 23744/99) born 17.5.1999 "SALKA" mentaltest +144,HD B

Breeder: Riitta Lumiluoto, Kerimäki,Finland Tunturiketun kennel

Dam: FIN CH Tunturiketun Asta-Sollilja "Sola" SF 23442/94
mentaltest +220, HD B

sire: FIN CH EST CH BALTV 98 PL&PZSG 98 ULLÄLVAS SORTI, "Sälli" S34187/96 ja FIN 31415/96 mentaltest + 112 , HD C

Salka has born as the tiniest of the 6 puppies. Salkavalka has been named after the persistent fishergirl Salka Valka. The story is written by Icelandic author Hálldor Laxness who has got the Nobel prize in the litterature.

Males: FIN CH Tunturiketun Skundi, Tunturiketun Skuggi, Tunturiketun Snoppi

Bitches: FIN CH Tunturiketun Skessa, FIN CH Tunturiketun Svala


I'am trainining obedience with Salka and now we has taken part in trials at the winners class. We have trained agility too and she has started compete in the midi 1 class 28.6. 2003. She is now competing in the Midi 2 class. . Salka has good herding instinct and during the last summer she had a possibility to herd reindeers. These weren't just ordinary reindeers, but the real Santa Claus's reindeers.Salka is a very friendly, bright and affectionate little dog.


Tampere show 17.3.2001,judge Erkki Tuominen: Intermediate class 1/1 CK Best bitch 1 CERT CACIB BOB
Helsinki int. The Vinners dog Show 8.12.2001, judge Anneli Sutela: Open class 1/1 CK Best bitch 2 CERT
Rovaniemi mlk 3.8. 2002, judge Antti Aarnio: Open class 1/1 CK Best bitch 1 CERT BOS FIN UCH

The dog shows 2003

Tampre show 15.3.2003, judge Lilian Hanniste (Estonia) Champion class 1/1 CK, RES-CACIB

05.08.2004 Kuopio Icelandic Sheepdog special Dog show, judge Gert Christenssen(Danmark), CHKL EXC 2

12.09.2004 Tampere,judge Istvan Czepai, Hungary,CHKL, EXC 1, BOB

??.10.2004 Hyvinkää,judge Zidy Ehnberg-Munsterhielm, CHKL, EXC 1, BOS

06.02.05 Keuruu, judge Antti Aarnio, CHKL, EXC 1, BOB

27.04.05 Lappeenranta, judge Tapio Eerola, CHKL, EXC 1, BOB

Skutla and Filla

Filla and her mom Skutla may 2003 photo:Tuula Pessa

TUNTURIKETUN FIFILLA (FIN 26858/01) f.2.6.2001 "FILLA" HD B, mentaltest +138

Breeder: Riitta Lumiluoto, Kerimäki,Finland, Tunturiketun kennel

Dam: INT CH & FIN CH & EST CH & SCH SW -99 EST W -02 Ullälvas Skutla born. 1996 mentaltest +220, HD fri

Sire: FIN CH & EST CH EST W-02 OBEDIENCE CH BH Fjalla-Freki "Reetu" born 1999 mentaltest +215, HD B

Filla is the only bitch and she has three brothers. Filla's sire Freki is from Iceland and her dam Skutla is from Sweden like Salka's sire Sorti.Filla and Salka are the cousins.

Brothers: Tunturiketun Fagur "Aake" HD A, Tunturiketun Floki, FIN & EST CH, Finnnish winner -02, Baltic winner -03 Tunturiketun Frodi "Ropi" HD A mentaltest +138,

Filla's name Fifilla means the dandelion. She is born in the beginning of the june. It's the season in Finland when all the meadows are full of the yellow dandelion flowers. I'am training the obedience with Filla and we are going to take part in the trials during the next summer. She has also started the agility basic course may 2003. Filla is very brave and she likes to climb on the big rocks.

Filla ja Salka

Filla 11 months and Salka november 2001 photo: Tuula Pessa


Turku int 27.01.2002, judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen Puppyclass 1 HP BIM-puppy
Tampere int dog show .3.2002, judge Moa Persson (Sweden) juniorclass 1/1 HP
Rovaniemi mlk 03.08.2002, judge, Antti Aarnio juniorclass 1/1 CK Best bitch 2
Rovaniemi special dog show 4.8.2002, judge Tuula Pratt junior class 1/1 HP
Jyväskylä Int.17.11.2002, judge Esko Nummijärvi intermediate class 1/1
Helsinki winner dog show 08.12.2002, judge Elina Tan-Hietalahti intermediate class 2

The dog shows 2003

Tampere Int dog show 15.3.2003 judge Lilian Hanniste (Estonia) intermediate class class 1/1 CK

05.10. 2003 Tampere, judge Juhani Hirvelä, open class, EXC1, BOS

05.08.2004 Kuopio Icelandic Sheepdog Special dog show, judge Gert Christenssen, Open Class EXC 1, CERT, Best Bitch 2

12.09.2004 Tampere, judge Istvan Czepai(Hungary), open class EXC 1, res-CERT, Best bitch 3


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