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T&A-021: Petturin Palkka: Kaikellaista harmia 7"

Petturin Palkka 7"

1. Utopia
2. Mellakkasoppa
3. Raiskattu vapaus
4. Aivoriihi
5. Kyyninen
6. Narsisti
7. Pelkoa ja vihaa

Co-release with Nunchakupunk, Worst Case Scenario, Räkälevyt & Clovek.
Press: 500 as black vinyl.

Profane Existence #63:
"Shit howdy do I love me some Scandinavian crust! These folks have it all: raging dual female/male vocals belting out seven bleak anthems of the hopelessness of being human in today's society from the conditioning we undergo from an early age in public schools to the illegal political prisons and all of the gloominess in between. The buzz-saw guitar and grinding bass accompanied by blistering drum work catapult each bit of dreary political poetry into your eardrums at around 2 minutes or less. At times I'm reminded of DISKONTO and STATE OF FEAR. Each songs drives straight to the point with out distractions like noodley guitar solos or long atmospheric intros or outros (not that there's anything wrong with that!). All of the lyrics are presented in Finnish and then in English on top of very grainy b/w photos of war images, nooses, skulls and the like, just in case you forgot that this wasn't about kittens and rainbows. This was originally released as a cassette with 10 originals and a cover of CONSUME'S *The Cycle Continues* (limited to 100, but sold out), but was finally pressed to vinyl with just 7 of the original tracks. Not pushing any boundaries, just powerful raging crust." (Jake)

Equalizing X Distort:
"This band originally started out as a d-beat project band by members of NEUROOTTISET PELIMANNIT and RAKKAUS, but the band proved to play a faster, angrier style of hardcore that is more traditional to a hardcore sound from 1982. Back then DISCHARGE were breaking ground into metal territory. PETTERIN PALKAA stay true to the successive generations of hardcore that grew out of the original scene. By that I mean bands like HERESY and LÄRM seem like possible influences, as much as APPENDIX and BASTARDS were. They also remind me of the off the rails style of KVORTERINGEN, especially on the B side. The male-female tradeoffs are a big feature of this band and the dual vocal attack works well. These songs originally appeared as a cassette release by Shitsuck last year, but only seven of the ten made it on this ep."

"Seven tracks of blistering Finnish thrash with scalding male and female vocal trade offs, PETTURIN PALKKA’s (translation tools point the name to being something like ”Wage Traitor” or ”Salary Judas”) debut has a clean recording and precise musicianship. Brief intros allow you to catch your breath before the band dives back to a... consistent throttling of fast thrash beats in the classic style of ancient Finnish hardcore, but delivered a tempo more akin to a RIISTETYT record set on the highest speed / pitch adjustment. The vocals trade off and occasionally echo each other, in the classic anarcho-crust style of the male vocals – a classic throaty growl punctuated by piercing and commanding female vocals. Lyrics are sung in Finnish, but are translated in the fold out sleeve with unique and sometimes whimsical takes on Anarchism, resistance, Guantanamo Bay, cynicism and more. Solid debut!" (KS)

Toinen Vaihtoehto #234:
"Miellyttävä lisäys Suomen hardcorepunk-ilmastoon. Nais- ja mieslaululla varustettua crustahtavaa hardcorea. Laulut on suomeksi ja mielipiteitä esitetään kovalla kädellä ja kyytiä saavat kaikenlaiset siat, niin kuin oikein onkin. Soittohommat tuntuvat olevan tosi hyvin hallussa ja erityisesti rumpali vetää tyylitajuisesti ihan mitä haluaa ja kuljettaa bändiä eteenpäin suorastaan raivoisasti." (.m.)