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T&A-012: Derrida: Vastakirjoituksia LP

Myrskyn silmässä / Valon ristiriita / Väärässä / Vääristävien peilien kuningaskunta / Delirium / Taivaspaikka katkeralle / Kuoleman makea tuoksu / Unia, ajatuksia ja muistikuvia / Kasvu / Tuhatvuotinen valtakunta / Pieni ihmissuhdelaulu / Sokeat mantrat

Co-release with Popo's Bistro, Psychedelica, Roku Records and S.U.PO Records.
Press: 500 as black vinyl.

"Amazing LP here from Finland. At first this came across as modern Finnish hardcore along the lines of DROWNING NATION or HERO DISHONEST...from the artwork to the bands style. But as this powerhouse outfit plowed through blazing tune after blazing tune i heard distinct homage being paid to legends SAIRAAT MIELET, one of the best Finnish bands ever. Yeah, not totally under that veil but it became clear and everything was in place: ripping fast hardcore, dark guitar harmonies and a singer whose voice melts steel at 20 paces!! These guys even translated their whole lyrics sheet into English, revealing really deep and intense lyrics on classic punk subjects, but taken to the next level. One kick ass fucking disc released by no less than five Finland hardcore labels."