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T&A-011: Diskaaos: Sota on sotaa 7"

Sota on sotaa / Tietämättömyys on autuus / Manipulaatio / Kun maihari heilahtaa natsi tipahtaa / Punk on kuollut / Dis on pateettista / Orjatyövoimaa / Räjäyttäkää Raija Pelli-Tuomelan talo / Niin kaukana / Veri virtaa punaisena

Co-release with Nightstick Justice.
Press: 300 as black vinyl.

"Not as overly DISCHARGE influenced as you might expect from the logo and cover art. This recording came about in 1996 by two drunk Finnish guys and remained in demo purgatory until now. This sounds more along the lines of stuff RIISTETYT and KAAOS we're doing around that time. Yes, heavily influenced by the d-beat kings but having that distinct "hollow" Finland punk vocal sound and flow that keeps this record sounding like a truly Finnish punk record."