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SOKEA PISTE: Ajatus karkaa 12" out now!

SOKEA PISTE (Blind Spot) is a murderous crush of perversity, paranoia and naked, twisted visions of blind rage, solitary insanity and silent, thoughtful violence.

Sokea Piste began to take in the spring of 2009 in Tampere Finland. Juhana had an idea of a band with a noisy and violent sound, yet one that didn't rely on pure speed for its punch. Jukka was soon recruited and in no time Heikki and Seppo  were also sweet talked into joining. Supposedly the music of band mirrors the world and society around us – ugly, dirty, oppressive, desperate and on the brink of collapse. The violence inherent in capitalist structures results to violence in music. Is there hope? You decide.

Line up:
Juhana (guitar, Kyklooppien Sukupuutto)
Jukka (drums, ex-Manifesto Jukebox, ex-Lähempänä Loppua)
Heikki (vocals + guitar ex-Virkavalta)
Seppo (bass + vocals, Aortaorta)

Oire 7" (Peterwalkeerecords / Buffalo, USA)
Ajatus karkaa 12" (Karkia Mistika Records, Tuska & Ahdistus, Kämäset Levyt / Finland)

Out now! Cigarette Crossfire: s/t 7"
Out of the remains of Life Giving Waters and Buried At Last, a melodic punk rock band from Helsinki, Finland started taking shape in early 2009. Calling themselves Cigarette Crossfire (after deciding against the name Sue Ellen), the style of music and lineup was very turbulant at first... They started finding their stride in early 2010 with Henkka (ex-Stranded, Endstand etc.) behind the drums and then wrote some songs. But the looming and seemingly impossible to fill frontman position made them want to throw in the towel by summer of 2010. Yet, with one lucky shot that August, they called an old acquaintance Jere (A Mothers Grief etc.) to give it a go on vocals and within the first two songs they knew that the long hard search was over! With the finished product sounding something like Manifesto Jukebox if they were on No Idea Records. Onto their first gig that October and to the studio soon after to record their first four songs. One of which went to a split 7" with Shatterhand from Scotland  as their debut release, and the rest three songs to this piece of vinyl.

Out now! Kyklooppien Sukupuutto: Likana valikoimassanne 12"
Kyklooppien Sukupuutto, demolishing the earscene again. Crashing with terrible speed, side A drops everything in its path with it's hacking assault. On side B things decidedly take a turn for the worse as this bent machine grinds to a near halt as it digs its teeth in, unearthing a totally bone-shaking horror scenario. Ride the new wave of Finnish hardcore and witness Kyklooppien Sukupuutto produce their bleak view of disturbed, frustrated, wasted human individuals ruining the planet and their societies with an inability to comprehend or change. LP 12" 18 minutes 5 songs.

Armageddon Clock: Past > present > future LP and Rakkaus: Jokainen päivä on taistelua LP out now! Check out samples from releases -page. Sur-Rur LP is on pressing plant, out soon.

Igni Et Ferro LP and Diskaaos 7" out now!

Igni Et Ferro LP and Diskaaos 7" should be out next week! And release T&A-012 will be Derrida: Vastakirjoituksia LP. It should be out at February I hope. Great start for this year! 

My 10th release is out soon: Igni Et Ferro: Amor fati LP. 15 hardcore anthems with double female screams, and heavy as fuck! Check out their myspace:

Tuska & Ahdistus has new address starting tomorrow: Papinkatu 7 B 57, 33200 Tampere!

Aortaorta: Movement is all 10" out now, check out releases page!

Kykloooppien Sukupuutto and Sur-Rur LP's are out now! Check out releases page for samples and stuff.

Change of plans! My next release T&A-007 will be Sur-Rur: Uurnapölyjen paluu LP. It's co-release with various Finnish labels. It's on pressing plant just now. Kyklooppien Sukupuutto LP will be T&A-008.

Distro updated. My next release will be LP for Kyklooppien Sukupuutto! It will be co-release with my old allies, Hate Records and Spild Af Vinyl. Hopefully it will be out on February. Few other releases are planned as well, but I'll get back to them later...

Rakkaus EP is out now, and the repress of Kyklooppien Sukupuutto/Death Token split EP should be here next week.

Major update! New releases added, check them out! Second press of Kyklooppien Sukupuutto/Death Token split 7" out soon. First press still available. Also Kyklooppien Sukupuutto: Kuuluuko meidän todella? 7" available again!

Aortaorta: Bloodrush 10" vinyl out now!

Distro updated. Here's some foretaste of the upcoming Aortaorta 10", it should be out any day!
mp3: Echo of oblivion
mp3: I am a game

Distro updated. My next releases will be Aortaorta 10" and Kyklooppien Sukupuutto/Death Token split EP. EP should be out in summer, 10" earlier I think. And this is a fact even thou it's All Fools' day! 

Distro updated, shitloads of new Profane Existence stuff!

Distro updated. New direct address is works as well.

Distro updated.

Distro updated. Tuska & Ahdistus will be selling records at Puntala-Rock, so empty your bank accounts since we don't accept credit cards!

Lähdön Aika/Burn Again split LP is out now + shitloads of new stuff on distro! Two first Lähdön Aika/Burn Again LP orderer will get a clear vinyl, so don't hesitate!

Happy birthday to me! Times are passing by and I'm getting old... In spite of that, my next release Lähdön Aika/Burn Again split LP should be out in any day! It's co-release with Northern Hardcore Massacre, SUPO Records, ROKU Records and Violence Records.

Finally available: Kyklooppien Sukupuutto: Kuuluuko meidän todella 7". 8 furious hardcore attacks packed in beautiful sleeves which include copper ink. Half of the press in white vinyl, so be fast to get one!

Still fucking waiting Kyklooppien Sukupuutto vinyls. I'm quite close having nervous breakdown... But distro is updated, I recommend to check out Ruidosa Inmundicia demotape, it fucking rules!

Distro updated, some killer stuff from Profane Existence for example. Still waiting Kyklooppien Sukupuutto vinyls, maybe next week...

My new homepage is finally on the net. Kyklooppien Sukupuutto EP will be out in a few days, sleeves are here waiting and the vinyls are on the way from England. This release will blow your mind!