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tscmd.zip A FAQ collection of Useful NT/2000/XP/.. script tricks and tips, T.Salmi
tscmd.html An html version of the Useful NT/2000/XP/.. script tricks and tips (better up to date)
Script utilities and UNIX like 32-bit programs at Garbo arhives
alt.msdos.batch.nt newsgroup at Google Groups
Command-line reference A-Z For Windows Server 2003 Microsoft
An A-Z Index of the Windows NT command line SS64.com
JSIFAQ at Windows IT Pro
Command Prompt John Savill's Windows FAQ
Batch Function Library for Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003 Ritchie Lawrence
Environment variables for Windows 2000/XP Tech Observer, Kenneth Hunt
CMD.EXE or COMMAND.COM chami.com tips
Windows Shell Scripting JP
NT/Win2k scripting K & H Consulting
Common Command Set - Internal for cmd.exe
VBScript Windows Scripting Documentation download
Windows Script Host Running Scripts from the Command Prompt (at Microsoft)
Batch Scripts for Windows
VBScript Wikipedia
Visual Basic Tutorial
microsoft.public.win2000.cmdprompt.admin FAQ Bill Stewart
Microsoft TechNet: Script Center
File Extension Database CyberTechHelp
Category:Batch File in Rosetta Code
All Gists
Stack Overflow on parsing
DosTips - The DOS Batch Guide
Microsoft DOS - Computer Hope's computer help forum
  Computer Hope applies unprofessional, brute-force moderation policies
  More information on Google Groups on Computer Hope's abusive conduct
tsbat.zip A FAQ collection of useful batch files and tricks, T.Salmi
Batch utilities at Garbo arhives
Usenet newsgroups on MS-DOS batch and other programming 
MS-DOS Batch Files Dr J R Stockton
MS-DOS/MSDOS Batch Files: Batch File Tutorial and Reference Allenware
Tom Lavedas' Batch File Applications
DOS Publications: Programming
Shell Scripts on the PC several platforms; Ted E. Davis
Batch Programming Elements Collected by Dirk van Deun
Windows 95 / DOS 7 Batch Programming Eric Phelps
DOS the Easy Way Guide to MS-DOS Everett Murdock Ph.D.
DOS Command Index from the book DOS the Easy Way
Help-Site: DOS Computer Help Help-Site
Information on batch files Computer Hope
A complete overview of MS-DOS and its commands Computer Hope
Batfiles Laurence Soucy, The DOS batch file programming handbook & tutorial
Using MS-Dos7 Commands Laurence Soucy.
HELP DOS 6.22 Benny Pedersen
Horst Schaeffer's DOS Pages
Batch Programming Stuff Terry Newton
MS-DOS 5.00 - 8.00 Undocumented + Hidden Secrets
dmoz Open Directory - Computers: Software: Operating Systems: x86: DOS: Programming: Languages: Batch
DOS FAQ by Christoph Fuchs
Microsoft operating system batch programming Wikipedia free encyclopedia
The World of DOS
DOS batch file TechWeb's TechEncyclopedia
BatUtils est un ensemble d'utilitaires, à utiliser en invite de commande.
MS-DOS v6.22 Help Vernon Frazee
FileGod's Batch Files
Frequently Asked Questions about sed, the stream editor Eric Pement
sed . . . the stream editor Eric Pement
Useful one-line scripts for sed Eric Pement
A few SED and GAWK links  in tscmd.html
A few SED and GAWK keywords  in tscmd.html
Links to sed and awk material  in Timo's proctips
Links to sed tutorials Google
SED -- A Non-interactive Text Editor Lee E. McMahon
The awk programming language Eric Pement
Handy one-liners for awk Eric Pement
Programmer's Heaven site
FAQ of the newsgroup comp.lang.c weakish
comp.os.msdos.programmer FAQ

tsfaqp.zip Common Turbo Pascal Questions and Timo's answers
Select programming Usenet newsgroups 
Turbo Pascal at Garbo archives
Usenet newsgroup comp.lang.pascal.borland Mini FAQ maintained by Pedt Scragg A must!
Pascal Starting Page, by J R Stockton Another must!
Turbo Pascal Programmers Page by Jeroen Prins
comp.lang.pascal.borland FAQ Jon Shemitz
Frank's links Frank Heckenbach
SWAG (Sourceware Archive Group) Turbo Pascal sources
free pascal Open source compiler for Pascal and Object Pascal
Pascal Central
ANSI-ISO standard Pascal information page Scott A. Moore
Borland Pascal Home Page
Program Disk for Numerical Analysis Burden & Faires, Eighth Edition
An Index to Numerical Methods in Pascal
Turbo Pascal newsgroup On Usenet news
MarshallSoft Computing, Inc. Serial Communications Libraries for Windows and DOS.
Softpanorama Skeptical University Pascal page
For programmers (Dos/ Windows, Pascal, Delphi, etc) Tom Boyd
graphic mouse R. Tschaggelar
TP links MSDOS » Development » Applications » Turbo Pascal
Learn Pascal "The Ultimate Pascal Tutorial" by Tao Yue

Timo's procmail tips and recipes Timo Salmi
Procmail FAQ  Era Eriksson
Procmail quick start Nancy McGough & Infinite Ink
Procmail tips page pointer Jari Aalto
Procmail Tips Procmail Documentation Project
Welcome to procmail.org (The usual disclaimer applies)
Procmail The University of Delaware
Foiling Spam with an Email Password (procmail) System Timo Salmi
Enhancing E-Mail Security With Procmail John Hardin
Filtering Unsolicited E-mail University of Waterloo
dmoz links on Procmail (Open Directory Project)
The Spam Bouncer A spam-countering set of procmail recipes
Discussion of the procmail program, a mailing list [archive]
Sendmail Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
A Guide to Using procmail for any ISP with procmail
ProcBuilder A basic web interface to creating and editing Procmail recipes.

Nyyssiohjelmistojen käyttöönotto Kim Fallström
NewsProxy download

The Mutt E-Mail Client
The Mutt E-Mail Client Manual Michael Elkins
Mutt - Sekarotuinen sähköpostiohjelma Heikki Kantola

HTML Tutorial W3Schools
Timo's HTML colors page 
ISO Latin 1 Character Entries Timo's table (also some additional HTML links)
The Web Design Group's Web Authoring FAQ
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Index of the HTML 4 Attributes
A Dictionary of HTML META Tags
HTML tag reference guide - <META>
Dan's Web Tips Daniel Tobias
HTML Station
PHP Tutorial W3Schools
PHP Manual
Korpelan Web-julkaisemisen opas
Mapping presentational HTML to CSS
WDG: CSS1 Properties
All CSS Properties Listed Alphabetically
Dave Raggett's Introduction to CSS
Cascading Style Sheets, level 1
Cascading Style Sheets, Level 2
CSS Tutorial W3Schools
CSS Color Names
So You Want A Basic Color Code, Huh?
Stylesheets | CSS: cascading style sheets tutorials and style guide || HTMLSource ]
CSS-opas Tapio Markula
W3C QA - Recommended list of DTDs you can use in your Web document
DHTML Objects (msdn)
Choosing a DOCTYPE

HTML validator add-on (based on Tidy and OpenSP)
WDG HTML Validator with syntax manual
W3C HTML Validation Service
W3C CSS Validation Service
HTML:n tarkastus uwasa
Validator links Tommi Lahtonen
W3C Link Checker

Garbo archives  at the University of Vaasa, Finland. Heavily MS-DOS legacy oriented.
PC Magazine Archives; See about the deletion of all PC Magazine utilities from Garbo archives
SnapFiles Download reviewed freeware and shareware. Excellent.
SourceForge.net Open Source Software
Software Related Links FLFSoft Inc.
"Best Free [and other] Software 4 Download"
Simtel.Net (Nothing like it used to be)
JUMBO Web Shareware "Site", An extensive WWW system linking files from FTP sites around the world
cnet Software Downloads and Reviews
Tucows Download
RedSun.com Fonts
PC World - Downloads
SharewareJunkies Shareware Evaluations + search engine
Interesting DOS programs Links by Dev Anand Teelucksingh
Clay's Sound Emporium - Humorous Wav Files
IBM PC Company FTP site

Newsgroup comp.archives.msdos.announce Announcements about MS-DOS archives. (Moderated) Discontinued
camfaq.zip The FAQ of comp.archives.msdos.{announce/d} zipped
Internet FAQ Archives -  Online Education
Newsgroup news:alt.comp.shareware FAQs
SIIA The Software & Information Industry Association's Anti-Piracy Division
Moderated Newsgroups FAQ Denis McKeon
Timo Kiravuon News-etiketti A good netiquette in Finnish
Links to Timo's FAQ materials incl. Of Usenet news netiquette