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”Si vis pacem, para bellum”, Vegetius ad. 379-395.

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Welcome to get more information about: Global, highrisk, contagious diseases.

-These pages are primarily made to serve Scandinavian travellers around the world.

-News on selected topics and also on CDC and WHO information and alerts.

-These pages cover actualities on dangerous disease outbreaks which are currently valid for global travel and links to special sites for further information.


Measles cases spike globally due to vaccination gaps - WHO and CDC report 05th of December 2018.

The agencies call for actions to build broad public support for immunisations, while tackling vaccine misinformation and hesitancy.

The recent global resurgence of measles is threatening decades of progress, according to a new joint report from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Using updated disease modelling data, the report provides estimates of measles trends from 2000 to 2017.
During the period, uptake of the first dose of measles vaccine increased from 72 to 85 per cent and uptake of the second dose increased from 15 to 67 per cent. Annual reported measles incidence decreased by 83 per cent, from 145 to 25 cases per million population, and the estimated annual number of deaths from measles decreased by 80 per cent. Vaccination prevented approximately 21.1 million deaths.
However, during 2016-2017, measles cases increased by 31 per cent globally, and 20.8 million infants did not routinely receive the first dose in 2017.
“The resurgence of measles is of serious concern, with extended outbreaks occurring across regions, and particularly in countries that had achieved or were close to achieving measles elimination,” said Dr Soumya Swaminathan, Deputy Director General for Programmes at WHO. “Without urgent efforts to increase vaccination coverage and identify populations with unacceptable levels of under- or un-immunised children, we risk losing decades of progress.”

So get vaccinated it will save lives and from very bad illness!!!

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2015 Tuhkarokko tietoa. Nyt se on sitten jo todistettukin: Rokottaminen todella kannattaa ja on terveydelle eduksi!



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