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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Search and find

Me, Jan and Peter did a little trail searching in Paimio last week, in a new area. It turned out to be a paradise! Once again, photos says a lot more than words...


















A few extra photos in the slideshow here.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Late Friday evening fun

I just couldn't resist the temptation to go and ride on Friday evening with the 907. The Paimio's Revenge trails were still untouched with it, and as the weather forecast was looking for worse with rains and household chores for the weekend it was go time.















Once again the 907 proved to be a fantastic trail bike!

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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

First real ride with the 907

Yesterday I commuted with the 907 to work and after the workday I had time to ride the 'trail version' of my commute route. It's mixed terrain with nice forests trails with a couple of tricky root and rock sections, and also one section with loose sand. In other words, a good way to test the capabilities of my new fatbike.



My experience from mountain biking has come mainly with my 26inch hardtails, and I have once test rode a full suspension bike, so they are my baseline.

The bike feels great on the singletracks. The first part of my route is pretty easy, but I was already looking for a tricky root section that was to come. Brooom!! This bike rolls so easily over the obstacles! Riding technical stuff with this bike is so much fun. But there was more to come. Unfortunately someone has decided to build a house in one place where the trail goes. No problem. I just rode thru the forest, and really easily. With a fatbike you can just 'point and shoot' it almost everywhere and turn the cranks and that's it. The bike handles so well on all terrain, and riding is so effortless. Ride slow, ride fast, do what you want. Amazing!

The last section contains loose sand, where normal mountain bikes wants to sink and riding is harder. Oh yes, this bike really floats! Riding sand is super easy!

As writing this I can hardly wait for the next ride.

A slideshow with a couple of extra photos is here.

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Snow fun

We had a couple of inches more snow again last night. Also the local snowplowers are not doing their work so well, so I decided to change the tyres of my winter bike. Nokian Hakka WXC300 studded tyres are not good in snow, but I happen to have a pair of old Nokian Boazobeana tyres that were marketed as snow tyres back in the late 90s.

A view from my normal commute. The Boazobeanas are much better in these conditions.


I decided to check out some of the local trails after work. The evening is setting in.


Snow paradise.



This trail was not rideable but it was still fun to push the bike thru the snowdrift.



I took this short video of my walk.

Some tracks of local inhabitants.



Came across to a point where some people had walked. I tried to ride here but it was impossible.


A look to awesome evening sky.


Another view from the trail.

The Boazobeana winter tyre.

My winter bike with a retro feel.

A beautiful winter evening in Paimio.

It was -14°C when I got back home. The forthcoming night would be perfect for a winter overnighter! The weather forecasts don't look so good at the moment as temperature is supposed to get closer 0°C, or even above, in the end of the week. But let's see what happens. I'm looking forward for overnighter with Peter on Wednesday-Thursday night as Thursday is a holiday.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

V Paimio's Revenge

After busy summer with a renovation/construction project at home, I hoped that 5th Paimio's Revenge would take place this fall. We decided with Jan of Pyöristi the date for the event only a couple of weeks ago. There was no time for preparation and this was a little risky move as Jan knew that there is at least one place on the trail where some forest work has taken place. But it's better have some kind of group ride event than no event at all...

The weekend forecast looked a little scetchy. Saturday was a nice sunny day. Then the night was cold with a temperature of -5C. On Sunday there was a catchment coming up but if we would be lucky the rain would start in the afternoon after the event.

I decided in the morning to ride with the "primary bike" and Mavic Crossland wheels with Conti's Mountain King tires. Other choice would have been of course the singlespeed but I'm not in good shape.

There were 15 riders in the start! But to our disappointment it also started to rain slightly. On the other hand it ment that epic factor would be close to 10... well, after riding for only a short period of time my riding glasses were completely steamy. And pretty soon I fell a couple of times. Fortunately no damage but decided to ride without the glasses. Not so good either as I'm nearsighted.


The rain continued almost throughout our ride. It was wet, it was slippery, it was hard. This was real Revenge! I managed to get only the above photo (and some on the start) because battery power ended. And the conditions weren't really for photographing this time as it took real effort to survive the entire course. A nice thing was that the certain forest work place had been cleaned up and the trail wasn't ruined at all.

On our way back to Paimio from Sauvo on a section with lots of logs and branches, Jan's rear derailleur broke, so he was forced to ride/walk back home and pick up his car later. The rest of our riding went pretty well but man, we were wet and tired! I had only water in my hydration pack and nothing to eat. Thanks to Simone for the sandwich and half of energy bar!

Overall this was a great group ride. Sometimes it's fun to ride in miserable conditions. It was also nice to see a lot of different bikes in use. There were full suspension bikes, hardtails, singlespeeds and two very special bikes, Yeti's and greenman's Pugsleys!

There are more photos in Yeti's blog report, check it out! And big thanks to everyone who participated, next year again!

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Monday, April 05, 2010

A short Eastern ride

Distance: 20.91 km
Time: 58min37sec
Heart rate: 125/175 bpm (avg./max.)

After all the Eastern visiting I had finally today time do a short ride. The weather was also very nice, partly sunny and temps around +7°C. Decided to ride with the better mtb, as the adventurer/commuter and cyclycross bike still have studded tires.


It has been a very long time since I last rode with this bike. After the long break it felt really awesome. My other bikes are not bad but this is, at least for me, absolutely brilliant. It's light, fast, comfortable, the gears and transmission works like a Swiss swatch and the disc brakes are really powerful. It was a nice reminder that this bike truly is very good.

Here are some views during the ride.




The rapids of Naira:

The bigger gravel roads are in fairly good condition:



Looking forward for a longer ride next week!

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Group Ride Report: IV PAIMIO'S REVENGE

When I first rode the trails of the now called Paimio's Revenge in 2006, the idea of a group ride started immediately. From the beginning the idea was also to find "new" trails and make the whole route longer. In 2008 I and Jan set the goal to find a passage to the trails of Sauvo that was familiar to him. We started this project in 2009 and we found two passages to avoid riding too many times same trails/forest roads. But we also realised that our project is quite ambitious and we don't have enough time to make it as we wanted. We had a lot of time schedule problems as we are very busy with jobs and everything else in life.

The original plan was to do this group ride in July/August when the weather is usually nice and the course would be dry and fast. Because of the other events in August we had to settle with early September and the date was set to 12th of September. I was afraid of bad weather, but fortunately there hasn't been too much of rain fall.

The last week before the Revenge was really strange. This project was a little difficult from the beginning but it wasn't getting any easier. Both I and Jan got sick with flu! I was hopeful that both would recover enough. I was much better on Friday but Jan was still too sick. So, I had to it without Jan and that felt really bad. We worked really hard for this project.

This morning the weather was absolutely perfect. Clear skies and sunshine. There was 11 riders in all and I tried to ride with nice tempo. The whole ride went rather well. I was afraid with Sauvo because that part wasn't so familiar to me. There was also a little miss with the route of Rivonmäki in Paimio. Really nice day in the saddle, but it didn't feel right at all to do this without Jan.

Big thanks to the all riders. Let's see if we can organize a Night Revenge or a Morning Revenge in the dark.

Some great photos taken by Yeti.



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