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Monday, June 06, 2011

Another Marttila outing

Yeah wilderness! The wilderness of Marttila, the paradise next to my home. Last weekend it was time to do an overnighter there again. This time I had also a new tent, McKinley Enduro Ultralight, with me, so this was a good chance to test it. There are many good reasons to have a tent with bikepacking trips: mosquitoes, rain, virtually camp-anywhere-you-want. Tent camping gives also much better possibilities for sunset and sunrise photographing. I had this in my mind for this outing.


I was again late for the sunset in Marttila, but no worries, the evening was stunning.



My plan was to ride near one of the bogs and camp there. I didn't have lights this time so I ride in the twilight. Pretty exciting!


After rather challenging but really fun trail riding and little lenghty boardwalk bikepush I arrived at Hirvikallio, and pitched the tent.

The weather forecast had some rain showers in the menu for the night, and they should be over before the morning. And that exactly happened. Otherwise I slept reasonable well. It rained during the sunrise so no photos of that this time.

The tent is really ultralight, however, in the morning I noticed that it isn't fully waterproof. It leaks slightly from the seams. Reclamation will be done for sure...

Very nice landscapes from the top of Hirvikallio.

Marsh tea (Ledum palustre):

And more landscapes...

Enjoying the views with the morning coffee and porridge.

Time to move and head home.

Really nice overnighter. There are still more trails to be ridden, that is for the next time.

The usual slideshow link.

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