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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

First real ride with the 907

Yesterday I commuted with the 907 to work and after the workday I had time to ride the 'trail version' of my commute route. It's mixed terrain with nice forests trails with a couple of tricky root and rock sections, and also one section with loose sand. In other words, a good way to test the capabilities of my new fatbike.



My experience from mountain biking has come mainly with my 26inch hardtails, and I have once test rode a full suspension bike, so they are my baseline.

The bike feels great on the singletracks. The first part of my route is pretty easy, but I was already looking for a tricky root section that was to come. Brooom!! This bike rolls so easily over the obstacles! Riding technical stuff with this bike is so much fun. But there was more to come. Unfortunately someone has decided to build a house in one place where the trail goes. No problem. I just rode thru the forest, and really easily. With a fatbike you can just 'point and shoot' it almost everywhere and turn the cranks and that's it. The bike handles so well on all terrain, and riding is so effortless. Ride slow, ride fast, do what you want. Amazing!

The last section contains loose sand, where normal mountain bikes wants to sink and riding is harder. Oh yes, this bike really floats! Riding sand is super easy!

As writing this I can hardly wait for the next ride.

A slideshow with a couple of extra photos is here.

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