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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Commuting photos

The new frame and parts of my new bike project are finally on the way, and they probably arrive early in the next week. I just looked the latest weather forecast and there is still a small chance for snow crust riding next week, because temperature should drop below zero. On the other hand, rain is forecasted for the weekend and if it is severe, the snow crust will probably vanish. But everything is still possible...

Actually I tried the snow crust in this morning's commute, and it worked with my ordinary mountain bike and Nokian WXC300 tires. But I didn't ride for long because the front chainrings of my bike are really worn out and the chain easily jumps over. It's a very good thing that I will have the new bike with a fresh crankset.

Naturally I'm very excited about the new bike, and I can tell that it will be the first one in Finland! And that of course means that it won't be a Pugsley!

Meanwhile, here are some photos I have taken during my regular bike commutes. The more I have been photographing with the new camera, the more I like it.
















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