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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Super full moon overnighter

Well, the nature provided an outstanding stage for a local overnighter here in Paimio. A super full moon and partly clear skies. It even snowed before the Saturday evening. The night temperature was forecasted around -5°C. So I had a plan: take a lot of photos of the super full moon with the new camera and to find the lean-to of Hevonpää this time, the same thing I tried a month ago.

I left home around 22PM. I followed the 'script' like the last time...




I continued riding but only for a short distance as more awesomeness was just around the corner...





My timing for photographing these was just right. Shortly after this more clouds filled the sky and I continued towards Hevonpää.

This time I found the right fork in the road.


The start of the small forest road was promising...

..but quite soon started the thick snowdrifts. Not suprising, I was expecting this. Someone had been here with snowshoes. I followed the tracks as I supposed that they would lead to the lean-to.

But they didn't. Instead I had to do really hard work, the route of the tracks followed some really tough terrain. In many places I was climbing like a mountain goat. Still quite fun though...

I checked my position with GPS. I wasn't far away from the lean-to but the clock was closer to 1AM so I decided to camp to a snowdrift.

I slept fairly well. In the morning, about 6AM, I opened my eyes. It was cloudy so I decided to sleep more, as there wasn't spectacular sunrise to be seen.

Closer to 8AM I woke again and started the usual breakfast antics.

Time to move again...

Pretty soon the snowshoe tracks lead to a small road.

And heading to home in a glorious sunshine...

This was a very nice overnighter, the best part was undoubtly the start with the super full moon. I will probably do an overnighter to the lean-to of Hevonpää when all the snow has melted as it much easier to find the place and the trails are rideable.

More photos can be seen in this slideshow.

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