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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New camera... and the new bike project!


I've been using Olympus µTough-8000 camera for over a year. It's not a bad camera but the image quality is not so good you would expect for a 12MP camera, and it doesn't have manual controls. Last week I saw a commercial in a newspaper. Citymarket happened to have their "Mammoth market" days, and they were selling Canon PowerShot SX130 IS for a real bargain price. It has pretty good reviews on the net, like here and here. So I went and purchased it. The camera's best features are a very good image quality, 12x zoom, HD 720p video and manual controls. Much better night/low light photos should be now possible with a tripod. I've been testing the camera every day and I'm pretty impressed with it. Here are some shots taken during todays commute back home.



The new bike project: this has been in my mind for a couple of years and it's finally taking place. I revealed in the post Blizzard commute that it will be a fat bike. But what kind of fat bike? At first I was thinking about a poor man's choice: wider 40mm rims with a tyre as wide as possible to fit my current winter bike. But that would be a compromise, actually too much of a compromise. It has been said for countless times that it is not even close to true fat bike. So next choice is of course some of the true fat bikes that are currently available: Surly Pugsley, Fatback, Sandman and 9:ZERO:7. Mine will be one of them, but only the frame. All usable parts from the current winter bike will be transferred to the new frame, plus there will be of course a new wheelset+tires and a couple of new components. Teasing will last for only a couple of weeks, as I received email that my frame and parts will be shipped soon. Meanwhile, my website colors are now updated with the color theme of my new bike, black and red...

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