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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Ice Journey 2011 - Brief write-up

We did it.

This winter started well, but January was fairly warm and it seemed that our dream will not happen. Well, the cold weather came back in February and suddenly we were on the ice of Baltic Sea.

My friend Peter has already an excellent story how it happened. I will write a long story later, as I have returned to busy everyday life and I had already other plans before the trip.

All in all, this trip really proved to be an adventure of the lifetime. These kind of opportunities are really rare. Things didn't go as we planned but it resulted in even more epic and challenging adventure than we imagined. We had to push ourselves really hard, we had to improvise, we had to make the right decisions. But everything went well and proved that we had prepared for this in the right way.

Big thanks to Peter for doing great work for getting information about the routes and figuring out all the maps, and everything else. There is no doubt that we have a same kind of passion for adventures!

And very very big thanks to my wife for her support and understanding for a crazy man! You are always my inspiration because what you have went through!

Here are some of the photos taken during the trip, and a slideshow, more to come when I write the full story. Enjoy!

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