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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Winter S24O at Marttila

We were at the Wilderness of Marttila on May 2010 with Peter, and I thought that it would be nice to visit there also in winter. The trails are not rideable as there is so much snow, but the area is awesome and should provide some stunning visual stuff. And we weren't disappointed.

The weekend weather forecast also looked good, nighttime temps around -4°C. My goal was also to do more some gear testing, with the new stove and cookset, and see how comfortable one can be during an overnighter.

Peter rode from Turku to Paimio where we met, and continued to Marttila.
Getting closer to hike-a-bike section to the lean-to. This part was rideable!
Into the bike pushing.
Peaceful bliss.
The lean-to.
We started a fire and grilled sandwhiches.
Into the night, and I slept fairly well, althought there is still room for improvement. In the morning we made coffee and porridge. I forgot my fuel canister home but Peter borrowed his. My stove worked well.
Morning twilight.
On the move again.
Peter is a tall guy at 6"3 but this shows how much snow there was.
Nice landscapes.
The hike-a-bike was easier with our nightly marks.
Pushing almost over.
These small roads were actually a little challenging to ride and would have been spot-on for a fatbike.
A very nice morning.
Just before home took some photos of my fully packed adventure bike.
Almost home.
A really nice overnighter! Thanks for Peter for the company. A slideshow with more photos is here. And there is of course Peter's report, check it out, there are again some stunning photos.
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