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Monday, January 03, 2011

2010 -> 2011


2010 is gone and we are already two days into 2011. It's time to have a little retrospective of 2010 and to see what is in the store for 2011.

It was pretty clear to me that my focus was shifting from endurance racing to bikepacking and little adventures, althought the core of my riding came from daily commuting. I'm really happy that I can ride bike on daily basis and that there are no barriers - I have done it from extreme cold to pouring rain. But the real highlights of the year were the overnighters - small adventures. There weren't many of them as I had so much other things going. The first winter overnighter in March was a real eyeopener and I was hooked.

In 2011 I'm looking for more overnighters and for a couple of slightly longer adventures. There is also a chance that I could return to 24-hour solo racing as well.

Winter overnighters and adventures will be much better with the new Marmot Never Summer sleeping bag that I got as a Christmas gift from my supportive wife, big thanks again!

And quite amazingly, it can be packed to small space:

One thing about last year was the winter that was really great, lots of snow and temperature below zero all the time. Over the years there has been a lot of talk about global warming and climate change. My opinion on this issue has been a long time that climate is a very complex system with a lot of variables and human race still knows very little about it. Current winter is even colder and snowier than last year. So what's going on? Negative Arctic oscillation index when colder and snowier winters occurs.

I'm finally to start feel fairly normal after a terrible flu in Christmas and the week after. Tomorrow I'm back to work and daily commuting and I'm going to try also some snow riding fun...

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