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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blizzard commute

Wow! It's almost hard to believe that we have so good start to this winter. The last winter (2009/2010) was absolutely awesome but is it possible that it will be the same also this time, or even better? It looks like it at the moment. After today's stunning blizzard the ten day forecast promises very cold weather as the night temperatures can drop even to -20°C. Early december is forecasted to be a little warmer but still well under freezing point. The start of this winter is much better than last year. All this leads to speculation of a very exciting, maybe-once-in-a-lifetime, adventure. But everything is possible and it's way too soon to be elated...

Today's commuting was again like a tiny adventure. Riding through a blizzard with excellent set of LED lights and other good gear is a fantastic experience! The very familiar milieu suddenly transforms to very exciting place. It's interesting that over the years I'm liking more and more of challenging conditions.

Also a nice suprise today was that my Nokian Hakka 300/WXC 300 tyres weren't so bad in the snow. Yes, they still sucked but not too badly. But I really hope that my forthcoming bike project will happen. In the post Some late fall things I hinted about it. So what could it be...? Fairly easy to guess. I have good hardtail mtb, cyclocross, road (+TT) and singlespeed bikes already, so yes, it will be a fat bike/floatation bike. But actually it will be much more. And more about that later...

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