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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Some late fall things


I have been doing most of my fall commutes with the commuter mtb/winter adventure bike, like on Mondday, but I decided on Monday night that it's time for the cyclocross bike on Tuesday. Although cyclocross bike with fenders is good choice for bad weather conditions, I have saved it more for summer use. In the morning it was really foggy, but in the afternoon it was kind of 'standard fall grey' and I took a couple of photos.

It's always a little funny feeling to ride with the cyclocross bike after a long break - the bike feels pretty light and fast.

I was already planning to do Wednesday morning commute with the singlespeed and via the trail route, but it seems that it will be slightly rainy so I will do that probably on Thursday. This is kind of 'a special commuting week', almost everyday with a different bike.

Tonight I did a small upgrade for my primary bike. After I started using riser handlebars with the winter commuter and singlespeed, I felt that the flat bar of my primary bike is a little too narrow and lacking comfort. So I found PRO Riser15 low-riser bar from Pyöristi.



The old flat bar was only 56cm wide, the new low-riser is 60cm wide. Wider bars offers better control on technical trails, but low-riser keeps it also aggressive for marathon and 24-hour racing.

On Friday evening I will be heading out for an overnighter with Yeti and Jan. Destination is new to us, includes a lean-to and is not far away - getting excited!

And speaking of exciting things, I have a new bike project on the horizon! If all stars will be aligned right, this could happen in the spring of next year. But what kind of bike? Let's say that very much adventure, very much fun... stay tuned.

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