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Sunday, October 24, 2010

V Paimio's Revenge

After busy summer with a renovation/construction project at home, I hoped that 5th Paimio's Revenge would take place this fall. We decided with Jan of Pyöristi the date for the event only a couple of weeks ago. There was no time for preparation and this was a little risky move as Jan knew that there is at least one place on the trail where some forest work has taken place. But it's better have some kind of group ride event than no event at all...

The weekend forecast looked a little scetchy. Saturday was a nice sunny day. Then the night was cold with a temperature of -5C. On Sunday there was a catchment coming up but if we would be lucky the rain would start in the afternoon after the event.

I decided in the morning to ride with the "primary bike" and Mavic Crossland wheels with Conti's Mountain King tires. Other choice would have been of course the singlespeed but I'm not in good shape.

There were 15 riders in the start! But to our disappointment it also started to rain slightly. On the other hand it ment that epic factor would be close to 10... well, after riding for only a short period of time my riding glasses were completely steamy. And pretty soon I fell a couple of times. Fortunately no damage but decided to ride without the glasses. Not so good either as I'm nearsighted.


The rain continued almost throughout our ride. It was wet, it was slippery, it was hard. This was real Revenge! I managed to get only the above photo (and some on the start) because battery power ended. And the conditions weren't really for photographing this time as it took real effort to survive the entire course. A nice thing was that the certain forest work place had been cleaned up and the trail wasn't ruined at all.

On our way back to Paimio from Sauvo on a section with lots of logs and branches, Jan's rear derailleur broke, so he was forced to ride/walk back home and pick up his car later. The rest of our riding went pretty well but man, we were wet and tired! I had only water in my hydration pack and nothing to eat. Thanks to Simone for the sandwich and half of energy bar!

Overall this was a great group ride. Sometimes it's fun to ride in miserable conditions. It was also nice to see a lot of different bikes in use. There were full suspension bikes, hardtails, singlespeeds and two very special bikes, Yeti's and greenman's Pugsleys!

There are more photos in Yeti's blog report, check it out! And big thanks to everyone who participated, next year again!

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