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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Overnighter at Marttila

Distance: 62.18 km
Time: 3:42:21

I received an email from Peter (Yeti) last week that he was going to Marttila this Saturday. There is The Route of Marttila's Wilderness and it is reported to be a great place. I decided to join as it fit my weekend plans well, Marttila is rather close to my home and the weather was looking absolutely perfect - suddenly we have summer, daytime temps about +25 C° and nighttime +15°C. The evening was windy but still very warm. We met near my home about 20:30 and we still had enough time to ride before the sunset and darkness.

Peter on a gravel road with his Fargo:


On the highway of Halikko-Marttila:

Nearing the start place of the Wilderness Route:


The start place:


A good thing that I had my Lumicycle LED4 lights with me:

Took these two videos with free hand so not great quality:

At the lean-to:


Peter set up a campfire. We toasted our sandwiches in the fire. Delicious!


A night scene:


My sleeping place. The night was warm, my sleeping bag was more than enough but didn't feel too hot. During the night we had a little rain shower and we moved into the lean-to. I slept suprisingly well.

The sunrise:

Peter's sack lunch system...

...and mine: 


A trail view:


The lean-to:


A lot of great landscapes:

Also a lot of duckboards:

And Peter riding very well them (but I walked most of them):

The most of the trails were technically pretty demanding, maybe just a little too much at some places, althought there was also a very nice easier trail section.

A rock section:

More landscapes:

Our bikes:

Heading back to home:

Overall an awesome adventure! In the morning we kind of run out of time and we rode maybe 40% of the trails, so I have to come back some other time to ride more. Really great have this kind of wilderness so close to my home! Big thanks to Peter, check out also his report that will be online sooner or later!

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