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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Group Ride Report: Paimio's Revenge III

What a great day! The day started gloomy and stayed that way (with only one rain shower...)

Ten riders plus me took part. The trails were suprisingly dry - not that they were completely dry but not really wet. Riding time for the Revenge course was 3:04:19, hr. avg/max 153/186 bpm for me (total riding time 3:52:34 and 62.34 km). Great to see new riders taking part in this group ride. Thanks again to everyone!

Also great to see riders with different bikes. There were at least four hardtails, two of them were singlespeeds and one of the ss was 29er. Also a full suspension 29er, the rest were full suspension bikes.

More photos in the gallery.

The plan is to organize Paimio's Revenge IV next year, and the course could see some significant additions...

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