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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

These times

Hey, I'm finally blogging again! You might wonder what the hell is happening in my life. Well, like before, quite a lot. June and the beginning of July was all about preparing the christening for our baby girl. And she's name is Isabell. Being a full-time worker, a father, a husband and a bicycle freak is almost impossible combination, but maybe this is my thing, to do the "almost impossible"...

Lately I've been thinking why on earth I will be racing in Kangasala 24h in a little over month. I did a 4.5 hour / 127 km road ride with my friend Simone on Sunday but otherwise I have only been commuting. I won't be physically well prepared for the race and there are so many things that really worries me, like the even longer night riding as the darkness is longer in the early September - with my reasonably cheap Sigma Sport Mirage lights it will be a really tough task. And if the weather turns to be rainy, the track will be an absolutely nightmare...

So, I think that the best thing for me is to ride/race for fun and take it not too seriously. If I have a good day, it can be a real race for me, and a great exercise for next years Levi24.

Next weekend I'm looking for another long road ride and next week I have a week of holiday. I have still a lots of things to do, but my goal is to put more kilometres and then have a good day on Sunday 10th of August, riding the Eteläkärjen ajot.

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