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Saturday, December 29, 2007

The updated Wheeler 3900zx

The christmas is over but my holiday continues. The christmas time has been really good. I have been finally able to rest well and recover from the hard year. And of course I have had time for updating my primary bike, Wheeler 3900zx, with the new Shimano Deore XT groupset.

Assembling a bike is really therapy for me. Another reason why cycling is so good recreation. I did things slowly, only a few components for a session of the day, and continued later. In the early stages there was a real challenge with the old bottom bracket (from 2001) to take it out, because it was badly corroded.


The old BB was also really worn-out, so it was about time to change it.

Otherwise the project was easy. I weighed all the parts with digital scale, and the bike is now about 0.5 kgs lighter! The new XT hydraulic disc brake system is suprisingly easy to maintain. Shortening the hoses and bleeding the system was really simple - simply amazing!

Here are some photos, taken in my little workshop/bike store...







In the last picture: I altered the old brake cable stoppers for brake hose...

The weather was AGAIN rainy today, but there was a short period of time without rain in the afternoon and I managed to do a short test ride. One word: AWESOME! Can't say much about the brakes because the pads must be burned in, but other features feels great, like "Rapid Rise" (Low Normal) rear derailleur and the Dual Control levers.

The weather should be better tomorrow so more test riding then...

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas time

Well, lately it has seemed like this blog is dead but it isn't. A new year is coming fast and I think some exciting things are going to happen in 2008...

Like the title says, it is Christmas time...


Got a little ahead of it and ordered the Shimano Deore XT 2008 25th Anniversary groupset and Mavic Crossland wheelset. The components of my "primary" mountain bike are getting worn out so it is good time to update. It took a long time for me to choose the XT groupset, because I wanted to be sure what I want. And I wanted something really new. For example, the old SRAM Plasma twist shifters are almost eight years old and they are not so good for endurance racing. I like the concept of the Shimano's Dual Control levers so decided to choose them. The new XT group also offers new hydraulic disc brakes with Servo Wave technology. I have already started to change the components to my bike, more about that later...

Also, I'm going to approach my recreation a little differently in 2008. It is likely that I have only one "goal" and it is Kangasala 24h, as far as racing is concerned. Otherwise I'm going to enjoy cycling as a recreation, participate in some motion cycling events and ride some new epic trails.

And now the big news, announcing it cycling blog-style. The next new, complete bike will be like this!

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