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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Syyspyöräily / Autumn Cycling

Apologies again for the radio silence. I'm not updating the blog frequently at the moment, but I try to write more when I write...

It has been a week and a half when I last rode bike, so it was about time to change that. Last year Turku's recreational cyclists organized a great group ride in the classic Turku-Kemiö-Teijo-Salo-Turku course, and they did the same thing also this year, today. I participated like last year, starting and ending from my home place Paimio. The weather was cloudy, but no rain and only slightly windy. There was about 20 riders in the group. Right from the start the feeling was great. I haven't ridden my road bike since Myllyn Pyöräily. Actually I can't recall the last time when cycling has felt so easy and enjoyable!

Statistics of my ride: 3:54:09, 117.4 km, 30.1 km/h, hr. 139/186(!) bpm, ascent 935 m. Maybe a little short distance, as the main group rode about 170 kms. But this was enough for me. One of the highlights of the ride was the second stop in Halikko's ABC. I enjoyed a cup of coffee and a delicious doughnut! The great thing about these group rides is that these are not too serious. It's a great chance to have a good time and forget the not-so-good things (like my work) in life.

Thanks to Matti Kiijärvi and all the riders for a great group ride!

And some photos here.

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