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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Group Ride Report: IV PAIMIO'S REVENGE

When I first rode the trails of the now called Paimio's Revenge in 2006, the idea of a group ride started immediately. From the beginning the idea was also to find "new" trails and make the whole route longer. In 2008 I and Jan set the goal to find a passage to the trails of Sauvo that was familiar to him. We started this project in 2009 and we found two passages to avoid riding too many times same trails/forest roads. But we also realised that our project is quite ambitious and we don't have enough time to make it as we wanted. We had a lot of time schedule problems as we are very busy with jobs and everything else in life.

The original plan was to do this group ride in July/August when the weather is usually nice and the course would be dry and fast. Because of the other events in August we had to settle with early September and the date was set to 12th of September. I was afraid of bad weather, but fortunately there hasn't been too much of rain fall.

The last week before the Revenge was really strange. This project was a little difficult from the beginning but it wasn't getting any easier. Both I and Jan got sick with flu! I was hopeful that both would recover enough. I was much better on Friday but Jan was still too sick. So, I had to it without Jan and that felt really bad. We worked really hard for this project.

This morning the weather was absolutely perfect. Clear skies and sunshine. There was 11 riders in all and I tried to ride with nice tempo. The whole ride went rather well. I was afraid with Sauvo because that part wasn't so familiar to me. There was also a little miss with the route of Rivonmäki in Paimio. Really nice day in the saddle, but it didn't feel right at all to do this without Jan.

Big thanks to the all riders. Let's see if we can organize a Night Revenge or a Morning Revenge in the dark.

Some great photos taken by Yeti.



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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Lights and morning "commuting"

I couldn't resist to try it this morning. I have a little flu but it's dark in the mornings and the route is so awesome.

So, I have the old Sigma Sport Mirage set with 5W+10W and the new Mirage Evo with 5W+10W and one additional 10W (Evo X) for helmet.

Ridiculous setup, isn't it? The front is heavy with all those batteries and changes riding quite alot. I could take the bottle holder away and move the batteries there, but this is only a temporary setup. What about the lightning? Well, now I can see even something. During Kangasala 24h I had only 5W on the handlebar (plus occasionally Cat Eye backup light) and 10W on the helmet. But still, the lightning power is suprisingly poor.

Otherwise today's morning commute went well and it is really fun. This is definitely big step in training. Why I figured out this only now? Probably because I didn't believe that I have the will power to stand up from the bed so early. But yes I can.

LATE EDIT: ordered the LED4 lights from Lumicycle on Tuesday evening, and off from work the rest of the week because of the flu.

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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Plenty of thoughts

It has been now a full week after Kangasala 24h and I have done some rethinking about the race. After all, it wasn't a real suprise that I had those problems with the lights and difficult conditions. I knew that with Sigma Sport Mirage Evo lights it was like bringing a knife to a gunfight. So, I'm already looking for new lights and this time they will be much much better. At the moment, the lights from Lumicycle (LED3 system) is a strong canditate. Before that I will be using the old Mirages, putting all of them (two 5W and three 10W) to use. A short report of that in the coming week...

Despite of the slight disappointment of Kangasala 24h, this year has been a good year as far my cycling goes. LEVI24 was a huge success, and the improvements with the course of Paimio's Revenge is another great thing. But at the same time this year has been very hard. A full time work, home and family and this pretty insane cycling hobby is a tough combination. It's time to make some changes and I'm starting with my bike commuting. I have really good opportunities to ride it differently. A longer course with a lot of singletrack is very close to my home and I did a test ride today. It takes about 45-50 minutes, as the road-only takes normally 20-25 minutes. Now, doing this in the morning and dark will be great training as the trails have also lots of slippery roots and rocks. Generally I will be riding it with the singlespeed, like I did it today, because that bike is easy and fast to service in the autumn/winter time.


A view from my new bike commute route.

The goal is to ride this once a week, sometimes maybe twice. I feel I'm very lucky that I have these opportunities. The trails of the new course are really fantastic and fun!

There are going to be some other changes as well but I will write more about them some other time.

All eyes are now on the weatherman as Paimio's Revenge is next Saturday...

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Fourth Edition of Paimio's Revenge, the traditional mountain bike group ride in Paimio, takes place 12th September 2009, starting 10:00 from Paimio's Sportspark.

We finally test rode almost the entire course and it is fantastic! (Pretty fast recovery from Kangasala 24h too...)

Preliminary data:

Lenght: 40 km
Riding time: 3h12min
Ascent: 510 m

Here is the file for Google Earth: 
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