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Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer overnighter at Huso

After postponing this overnighter in the early part of the week due to rainy weather, it was finally time for it on Wednesday evening. And it was beautiful evening. Packing my new frame and gas tank bags were a nice suprise. They don't look that big but there is plenty of room. I managed to pack one thermos bottle, one 1 litre water bottle, arm and knee warmers, a couple of sandwiches, Lumicycle LED4 battery and Olympus uTough 8000 camera. The new air sleeping pad, summer sleeping bag and pillow were nicely fitted to rear rack. Purposefully I didn't take my hydration pack with me.

When the sun set I was ready:

I rode first via my trail-commute-route that I haven't ridden for a long time:

It was dark but riding went really well with the powerful LED lights:

Closer to the hut of Huso:

The hut at night:

Sleeping place. The new pad and bag are great, but it's not so good idea to sleep on the ground of the hut as it came pretty cold in the night.

The hut in the morning:

On my way back to home in the next morning:

Some really nice trails:


A really nice adventure after the long break, but I'm already looking for more of these!

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Friday, August 06, 2010

Some new gear and some little plans

After a very long silence here is finally blog update. This summer was going to be different as I've been working with a huge renovation and construction project at home. But my cycling is not forgotten, as I'm going to ride Merida MTB Finlandia and do some overnight adventures.

In the late April I decided to not do DIY frame bag as I don't have enough time and necessary skills. So I ordered a custom frame bag and a "gas tank" bag from Revelate Designs (formerly known as Epic Designs). They finally arrived today and my instant reaction was that they are absolutely brilliant!

I have also purcased some other new gear from summer sales. A strap of my Nike MTB shoe broke in the early summer so I used my old Shimano shoes for commuting. But they are pretty worn out and the left shoe's base is inclined and causes strange and bad feeling in my foot. So new budget shoes, Shimano SH-M063.

For stictly adventure purposes I found Halti Summerlite sleeping bag, Primus Mimer stove and McKinley Camper 180 Air sleeping pad.

We had a real winter and now we have had a real hot summer. The weekend forecast looks great again, closer +30°C temperature for Sunday, and Saturday/Sunday night +20°C! Seems to me that I will do an overnighter and test the new gear...

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