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Thursday, July 23, 2009

SS upgrades


Yes, it happened today. Surly Instigator fork and Blackspire Downhill 94/32 chainring.

The bike looks great to me, AND it is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC TO RIDE!! I rode yesterday a techical trail with the old setup and the same trail today with the new setup. One word: AWESOME. I was anticipating a good improvement but the Instigator fork and the change of head tube angle and wheelbase are much better than I expected. Can't wait to ride the course of Paimio's Revenge with it!

Big thanks to Jan of Pyöristi to make this happen.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Single Speed Fever

It was destined to happen. Maybe I read too much the blog of Team Dicky in the past. I was well aware of the hype of single speed. And my friend Jan (Pyöristi) rides a SS. And two MTB-Turku guys rode full rigid SSs at the MTB-Lohja 24h. And, and, and...

Maybe the last straw is our project with Jan, improving the route of Paimio's Revenge. We have been riding on very demanding terrain and my XT rear derailleur was constantly in danger. With single speed one can ride in bad conditions suprisingly well. But, the idea of SS has been in my mind for a long time. I knew that I could build one because there were enough stuff left from other bike projects. It was time to resurrect the old "slush bike".


Maybe one reason why I didn't build this earlier was the fact that this frame (Oria 7020 aluminum, BTW) has slightly short top tube for a cross-country frame, althought the effective top tube lenght is 56.5 cm. But finally, it's here.

It was clear to me that this bike will be full rigid, because I already have two hardtails with front suspension. The bike is very much retro, which I like a lot. Most of the components are pre-2000. Cranks are 1998 Shimano Deore LX converted to single speed. Wheels are Mavic SUP 117 with Shimano XTR hubs. Brakes are Promax V-brakes, levers SRAM 9.0. Handlebar is FSA riser, originally 66 cm, shortened to 62 cm.

The first ride impession: WOW! This is really funny bike to ride. And the biggest suprise is that I can ride better in technical terrain. The efficiency on ascents is supreme. The gear ratio is 32X17 at the moment and I it seems to be fine for me at least now.

There will be however two upgrades right away. The fork will be replaced with Surly Instigator, and it will change the head tube angle to much better. Also, LX cranks will be fitted with Blackspire Epic 32 tooth chainring and original 42 big ring will be removed.

Of course I have more upgrade plans for this bike. Magura Julie hp for a front brake and HS33 for a rear brake and new wheels. But they have to wait for some time.

LATE EDIT: I'm really excited about this. Riding single-speed is a blast. It's both technically and physically very challenging. I have always lacked in the power departement but this will certainly change it.

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