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Monday, July 30, 2007

Some good news


After several phone calls today, I should get the thing in the picture tomorrow in the mail. That is broken at the moment in the disc brake. This is really a relief as Kangasala 24h approaches. Also, the weather forecast is showing finally some good signs. Tomorrow will be again the thing of this summer: rain. But after that it should be mostly sunny and on the weekend much higher temperatures, +25...+27 Celcius! But it is only a forecast, so gotta wait and see...

After yesterdays ride in the wet conditions (and that was only about 45 minutes) it proved again why I don't like the aftermath of it. You have to wash your cycling clothes, wash your bike and lube it properly because water is the enemy of bicycles. That is time consuming and I just don't have time do it too often. Fortunately I have good tools for the job: a great bike stand, a brush kit, a chain cleaner and a detergent. These really speed up the work significantly.

The last few weeks with all the problems with mechanicals with the bike and too little training due to bad weather and other commitments have pointed out that my racing is almost like Jean Michel Jarre conceiving a mega concert. They don't happen too often, there is a high risk that it won't happen if stars are not aligned right. There is so much to do and to plan. But that is the reason why I like it. And in 24-hour solo racing the most important thing for me is the race with yourself, and not so much with the opponents. Generally, cycling, like music, makes me happy and somehow this crazy world is more tolerable because of it...

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Better than nothing

3:04:25 and 86 km with a road bike, and Simone. About 2h10minutes without rain. Was looking for a 5-6 hour ride. Might sound strange but when it rains I would prefer to ride off road with mtb. Next I'm trying for some longer rides during the week and the last long ride on next Saturday. Need to get the primary bike repaired very soon...

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Backup bike ready

Was super tired yesterday evening after very hard week. Plan was to do a long ride today, but woke up late, plus I'm still having problems with the front brake (Hayes HFX-9) of my primary bike - I have to change the cap of the master cylinder. Also, yesterday evening it rained hard - again. This morning it was really windy, so I decided to build the backup bike.





Did a short test ride this evening - feels pretty good, suprisingly snappy. Most of the parts are from the old slush/commute bike, seatpost, handlebar, headset and the rear sprockets are new. Some changes still need to be done: new chain, because the old one jumps with the small cogs and grips to be changed to double rounds of cork tape. This bike would be even better with disc brakes but I'm happy with it as it is now.

Tomorrow it's time for a long road ride, hoping that the weather won't be too bad.

On another note, this summer is really hard for me, because I don't have a summer vacation as I have had the previous years.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back in action

Apologies for the radio silence again. A lot of things going on, on the other hand some of it would have been probably boring reading...

As far as the weather is concerned, this summer has not been so good. It has been really rainy here in Finland and not too warm either. Some might say it has been typical Finnish summer. But this is somewhat strange as the global climate change is a big issue, and in eastern Europe it has been very very hot. I enjoy high (not too high) temperatures, will see if we get some in August...

Last week my backup bike's frame arrived, and this week I try to build the bike. In the equipment department I have had also problems with my front disc brake on the "primary bike", but yesterday I was able to solve them. Now I'm waiting for the return of my suspension seatpost, hoping that I'll be in time for Kangasala 24h.

Kangasala 24h is approaching fast, and there is already seven solo racers in the list! I'm behind on my training, but I've been commuting by bike and I'm planning for big exercises for the next weekend. And this time I won't care if it rains...

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Need for sleep...

Another hard week behind. Sleeping has been difficult for some reason and that has hurt a lot. I did a short recovery ride on Wednesday evening and commute by bike on Thursday. Felt really tired. In this state training is really pointless. I need to recover.

Also, the new USE SX Shokpost makes already annoying, distinctive noise. Seems that I have to return that one too.

The weather for this weekend doesn't look too good. At the moment there is a risk of rain showers, tomorrow could be even worse. This is pretty frustrating. It would be nice to do a long road ride but I really don't want do it in the rain, I got that enough during LEVI24.

The Tour de France starts today, gotta watch the prologue on Eurosport.

Here are some photos of the Thursday's ride. It would have been "a perfect moment in the saddle" without the tiredness...




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Monday, July 02, 2007


Apologies for the radio silence. There has been a lot of things going on, maybe more non-cycling related. But it's time to report what is going on and what is coming up...

Before LEVI24 I was in a hurry to build my backup bike, but I didn't get it ready for the race. Last week it was finally ready, but then I noticed a production failure with the frame. The right chainstay wasn't completely straight, causing the chain to touch the cage of the rear derailleur. So I returned the frame and I'm waiting for a new one. The frame is really cheap, so this is not too suprising, but on the other hand there is sometimes problems with more expensive frames...

Last week was pretty silent in the training department. I only did a short ride on Saturday, just over 2 hours, with a mtb.

There wasn't really a reason to do a longer ride because I woke somewhat late in the morning, and I'm still not completely recovered from LEVI24. My crotch and bottom were suprisingly sore after 1.5 hours of riding. After Kangasala 24h last year and recent LEVI24, I'm tired of the saddle sores after 24-hour solo races. I'm hoping that the Fizik Gobi Wing Flex saddle helps, but I also decied to order and try a suspension seatpost. The thing arrived today...

USE SX Shokpost. Of course I did a short test ride and first impression is that it is really good, but I really need to do a 3-4 hour ride to know how much it helps.

This week I try to get back to old rhythm. Commute by bike, do some intensity workouts after work, do long rides on weekends. The next goal is Kangasala 24h, it's time to move on...

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