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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Event Report: Pirkka Cycling 2010


Photo: An awesome view from the route of Pirkka Cycling 2010.

This report comes a little late but my life is currently, and will be for this summer, very busy, but in a good way.

For this year I wasn't really planning for a 24-hour solo race or any other big event. LEVI24 was on my mind but it didn't fit with my other plans. Kangasala 24h is not taking place this year. I have still not done Tahko MTB but even that event is not going to happen with me this year. Fortunately there is always something, and so I decided to ride Pirkka Cycling, for a third time. Previous years were 2006 and 2008. Logistically this is also pretty easy, despite the early morning start of 7:00. Logistics were also really easy and great this time, as my friend Peter came from Turku to Paimio with his car and we travelled together to Tampere.

Peter had registered to the 34 km/h average speed group. When I registered to the event all the speed groups were full. Not really a problem because I wanted to take everything for the 47 eur registration fee. Pirkka Cycling is known for the good food and drink service, I did the same in 2008. This year I went even further as I had empty bottles in the start. No need to get own sports drinks as Pirkka offers as much you want to drink.

The weather in the morning was ominous. It rained throughout the travel from Turku but the rain ended in Tampere. The roads were partially wet for the first two hours but after that they were dry and the weather was really nice! I rode the first 1.5 hours with a larger group and riding was really easy cruising. After the first service point I lost contact with the group and rode for some time alone. Before the classic Komi meat-potato-soup service point I was joined with a local guy and chatted with him. After Komi I rode again alone but was joined with the same guy in the SP of Kuru. That was a very good thing because I felt really tired at the 4-4.5 hour mark. We rode the rest of the event together and chatted a lot. Really nice bloke, this is one of the great things of Pirkka and other cycling events: meet like-minded people and have a great day in the saddle.

Easy riding:

Nice roads:

The service point of Komi:


A slideshow with more photos is here.

All in all, a great day! 210 km and 7h37mins. Thanks to Peter for the logistics!

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