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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Event Report: MTB-Lohja 24h 2011

Well, it took 'slightly longer' than I planned to write a report of this years MTB-Lohja 24h event (it took place 21st and 22nd of May, now is 31st of May...) I've been experiencing major tiredness lately and I'm hoping it goes away soon. At least I feel better as I write this.

For those who doesn't know what the MTB-Lohja 24h is, it is, or was, the oldest 24h mountain biking event in Finland, running from the year 2000. It is not a race. It's a charity event where participants collects money for local hospitals. My first participation was in 2009 with the Team Pyöristi, and I really liked the format of the event. It's nice place to meet like minded people, have a good time and enjoy mountain biking. It's also a great event for families with small children.

As in 2009, I joined the Team Pyöristi, a team of 9 riders.

Team Pyöristi:

The main objective was to have fun, and one of the things to guarantee that was of course my fatbike, 907. At the same time it was a chance to see what kind of capabilites it has for 24h-riding. I rode pretty fast most of my laps, by purpose. I got plenty of attention and the most asked question probably was that is the bike heavy to ride. It's easy to answer: NO! The look of the bike is misleading, in reality the bike is not heavy. Jan, our team captain, did a test ride with it and was also really impressed, and he is already in a process of purchasing a fatbike!

One of the highlights of my riding was also the nightriding. Yes, it was truly a blast to ride with the powerful Lumicycle LED4 flood and spot lights! I rode three night laps and went to sleep a little after 02:00. This time I also slept fairly well. The tent and sleeping bag were nice and comfortable.

There were also two other fatbikes in the event, Shimaani and Zarni of team Yöhöpisijät, (The Nightmumblerers, in english).

There are more awesome photos taken by Zarni in his photo album, like this one:

The bad news is that this event took place for the last time, althought there is a possibility for some kind of mountain biking event in the future. The main reason for this is the license for money collecting that is expiring, and the huge amount of work the volunteers has to do every year. And the work of MTB-Lohja Toy (Toy=completely nonexistent organization :-)) has truly been amazing. So, huge thanks for the folks of MTB-Lohja, hopefully there will be a new event in the future!

Big thanks also to Jan, Jussi and the rest of the Team Pyöristi for all the arrangements. It was great time again!

An album of 135 photos is HERE!

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Late Friday evening fun

I just couldn't resist the temptation to go and ride on Friday evening with the 907. The Paimio's Revenge trails were still untouched with it, and as the weather forecast was looking for worse with rains and household chores for the weekend it was go time.















Once again the 907 proved to be a fantastic trail bike!

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Monday, May 09, 2011

A short Marttila overnighter

The winter was so great that when it was over I would have liked it to continue just a bit longer as my 907 arrived. But the spring has been really nice as well, and the plan was from the very beginning that 907 would be a year-round bike. So it was time for the first overnighter with the 907 as the weather forecast was really promising with clear skies. The plan this time was to meet Peter at the Wilderness of Marttila as he was on an epic two-day adventure from Tammisaari. We also decided to check out an another lean-to, Karhumäki, as the wilderness route includes three lean-to's at different places.

I did the preparations for the 907 (bottle cages, bags, seatpost rack) on Friday evening and I was ready to go somewhat too late, as the original plan was to be at Marttila before sunset. Not this time, but Marttila will surely be my primary bikepacking destination as it is fairly close to my home.


Getting closer to the Wilderness of Marttila along some nice gravel roads.


Peter had just arrived at the lean-to and started a campfire.




I grilled a packet of sausages while Peter prepared a meal with a stove. Peter's day had been long and hard, riding almost 140 km, and he was clearly very tired. But tired in a good way! I'm hoping I could do a longer two-day adventure this summer.

There was a nice sickle of moon in the sky.

The Karhumäki lean-to was more a firewood shelter and there was just enough room for me to sleep. Peter put up his tent.

The night was cold - the temperature dropped below zero. I was using McKinley Yukon 3-season sleeping bag that has a limit comfort at +1°C. It is enough for these kind of nights but I couldn't pack a pair of wool socks to my drybag, so I didn't sleep too well. However, the sounds of exotic birds in the early morning were awesome!

My water bottle was partly frozen in the morning.


Peter in his tent. I don't own a tent or a tarp yet but it's in my plans for the future.



The usual morning procedures.

Apparently I was too busy on Friday evening while packing, as I didn't have my cutlery (spoon/fork/knife) with me. Fortunately Peter had a pair of tire levers and I was able to eat my porridge. :) Thanks Peter!

The Karhumäki shelter.

A view from Karhumäki.

The trails are absolutely awesome in Marttila. Lots of rocks, some roots, tight twists and turns. The 907 is really a blast to ride here! It is truly a year-round bike.


Peter filtering drinking water. Truly an unsupported adventure!

More rock awesomeness.

The pond at Palainen.

We were running out of time. Still plenty of trails to be ridden in the future.

Heading home.

A slideshow of photos is here.

A nice overnighter. Thanks Peter for the company. Already looking forward for the next outing!

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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

First real ride with the 907

Yesterday I commuted with the 907 to work and after the workday I had time to ride the 'trail version' of my commute route. It's mixed terrain with nice forests trails with a couple of tricky root and rock sections, and also one section with loose sand. In other words, a good way to test the capabilities of my new fatbike.



My experience from mountain biking has come mainly with my 26inch hardtails, and I have once test rode a full suspension bike, so they are my baseline.

The bike feels great on the singletracks. The first part of my route is pretty easy, but I was already looking for a tricky root section that was to come. Brooom!! This bike rolls so easily over the obstacles! Riding technical stuff with this bike is so much fun. But there was more to come. Unfortunately someone has decided to build a house in one place where the trail goes. No problem. I just rode thru the forest, and really easily. With a fatbike you can just 'point and shoot' it almost everywhere and turn the cranks and that's it. The bike handles so well on all terrain, and riding is so effortless. Ride slow, ride fast, do what you want. Amazing!

The last section contains loose sand, where normal mountain bikes wants to sink and riding is harder. Oh yes, this bike really floats! Riding sand is super easy!

As writing this I can hardly wait for the next ride.

A slideshow with a couple of extra photos is here.

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