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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Event Report: MTB-Lohja 24H 2009

It has been said that it rains always at Lohja, at least when the MTB-Lohja 24H event has taken place. This year was no exception, but it only rained lightly in the early part of the event.

Because MTB-Lohja 24H is not a race, anyone can ride the way they want. The whole team of riders can be on the course at the same time if they want. My plan was to get some good training and not to burn myself out.

The course was about 7 km long, maybe almost 90% of it was singletrack. Really nice, technically quite easy and also physically not too hard. The course would have been really good for a 24-hour solo race. I rode one slow lap right after the opening ceremonies but then I took maybe unusually long break, and after that I started to do really fast laps, well... at least for me. I did three laps in the range of 23min30s-23min40s. After every lap I took a good but not too long break. This was definitely a new stimulus to my body, it is more adjusted for riding and riding with a moderate steady pace. This time I did just one lap really hard and took a break, and after that did the same again. This was suprisingly hard.

I did 9 laps before the night. It would have been better if I had ridden 14-15 laps but I was way too tired for that because of the hard week at work. My plan was also to ride 2 laps in the night but that didn't happen. Next day I rode 5 more laps and there was only short breaks between them. On lap 11 my suspension seatpost broke, the cap on the bottom of the seatpost loosened and the spring etc. dropped to inside of the seat tube. This was easily repaired by our team leader Jan of Pyöristi. The last three laps felt really good and I could have easily continued to do more laps. So, I did 14 laps, 106.20 km in a time of 6h32min25sec.

Overall the MTB-Lohja 24H event was really great. Our team had a great time. It was also great to meet and talk with like-minded people. And, it was really great to see children taking part in the event and to see that this is also an event for families!

The tent of Team Pyöristi.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The season starts...

To my suprise this year is turning to be an exciting one. Lately I have been thinking that I am a bit crazy to try to do the same I did in 2007 - ride two 24-hour solo races, LEVI24 and Kangasala 24h. Well, now I am going ride three of them, althought the latest one won't be a solo race. I will join the team of Pyöristi at MTB-Lohja 24h next weekend. For those who doesn't already know, this is not a race, it is a charity event. But it is the first 24-hour mtb event in Finland and this is also the first time for me.

Actually I have been thinking for a long time that some day I want to ride 24-hour event in a team. This will be a new experience for me and I'm pretty excited about it.

The rest of the season will include of course those two other 24-hour races, and my favourite motion cycling events, Eteläkärjen ajot (road) and Finlandia MTB. I was also thinking about Pirkka Cycling but it is again only a week from LEVI24.

Bike commuting has been BLISTERING lately! I did a record time for the 9.5 km route back home on Monday, 17m07s. Old record was close to 17m30s-17m40s. BUT, today I really put a hard effort and the records is now 15m45s! Surely I had a tailwind on my back but not all the time. My commute records have been ridden with my cyclocross bike.

And the Saturday evening (16th of May) was unforgettable. Jean Michel Jarre played awesome concert in Helsinki Hartwall Arena!

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