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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Super Monday

Well, my three week vacation is over and for some reason I didn't write an update - but, I did have time to join Twitter and add my messages to be shown on my blog. I have to say that I like it. It's fast and suits my busy lifestyle. I just have to figure out a cheap way to use it with my mobile phone.

My holidays were great. Althought this is a blog about my recreational cycling, I can't help myself to write about something else. I'm really proud to be a father of our little girl Isabell and I had great time with her during the holidays. On Eastern I rode three 3 hour road rides. Pretty happy with that althought I was looking for 4-5 hour rides. Yesterday I rode 3h45mins / 97 km with my friend Simone. Couldn't have done it without him. It was windy again and my body was tired after all the household chores. Here is a photo recap of the ride.






Thanks Simone for a great ride and photos!

I also finally ordered a child bike trailer and it arrived today.

Burley has a new model for this year, the Solo ST. This is really great stuff, it works as a stroller right away.


Really easy installation - can't wait to ride with it and Isabell!!

Also, a pair of new tires, Continental Mountain King 2.2 UST, for the primary racing bike.


To complete this super Monday I received three bars of very good Swiss chocolate, by Frey.


My recipe for a better day: a bike ride, Swiss chocolate and some good music. The world feels a lot better after those things.

I try to keep twittering and write some occasional blog posts during this summer.

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