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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The long long silence...

Apologies for a too long radio silence. The above photo, taken during my commute last night, says pretty much what kind of winter we have had here in south Finland. After two mild winters it was back to normal. A lot of snow and also colder.

It has been busy life with my family, work and everything else, so there would be plenty to write about, but not much time to do it. As far as my cycling goes, I'm really happy with my commuting. There is only a few times that I have used car. And the conditions have been at times really challenging. The funny thing yesterday was that we certainly had the record for snowfall this winter but it was suprisingly easy and so so beatiful to ride home from work. It took a lot more time as I rode pretty slowly (14-20 km/h) but no need for hiking, despite there was one road without snowmaking.

Two words: epic commuting. Actually I haven't felt so good during commuting for a long time. This was great!

My winter holiday is coming in April and despite of this epic winter I'm really looking forward for spring and long training rides for upcoming 24-hour races. I hope to write more then about my goals and bike commuting, as I feel that I'm a kind of expert in that.

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