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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Defining times

Apologies for the break. It has seemed like this blog is over but it is not. There has not been so much to write about as far as my cycling goes. I've been commuting by bike this winter quite alot, but otherwise I haven't really been traing. There are different reasons for that, like I need time on weekends to recover from work, I have a little construction project going on, and just recently I'm finalizing my studying. And of course there is my first child on it's way and the birth is getting closer... so like the title says, I think these are defining times for me. And actually I think that these times are so defining that the rest of the year will show where I am going.

I could write so much about work and professionalism, but that would lead into a rant, and this should be a cycling blog. I could, and maybe I should start an another blog about something else, like prefessionalism, politics etc., in the future... will see.

This winter has been one of the warmest in recent history. There is a lot of talk about the climate change, but the weather this month has been really like in winter, cold and snow. And before and during the Easter time it seemed like the spring is on its way, but yesterday we had a real blizzard. Somehow this shows that the climate is a kind of thing that we don't know much about.

I will write more about my cycling plans later. Before that here are some photos of rides on Easter with my friend Simone.




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