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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Commuting improving

Monday: 0:48:39, 19.37 km, 23.9 0 km/h, max 42.2 km/h.
Tuesday: 0:45:47, 19.29 km, 25.30 km/h, max 43.0 km/h.
Wednesday (today): 0:45:15, 19.17 km, 25.43 km/h, max 47.2 km/h.

This with the slush bike, with a heavy lead battery and a backpack, I'm quite pleased.

The new Sigma Sport Endurance Kit helmet light is also good, I'm currently using the 5W light but I'm going to test with 10W. FYI, I wake at 04:50-05:00, leave home about 05:30-05:40 and start the workday at 06:00.

Mornings are pretty cold, some degrees below zero, but in the afternoon it has been +12 - +15 C!!

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

In the right direction

The mission today was to ride 4-5 hours on roads. Results: 4:25:48, 118.1 kms, 26.8 km/h, ascent 880 m, avg. hr. 144/172 bpm. Rode the classic Paimio-Kemiö-Mathildedal-Teijo-Salo-Halikko-Vaskio-Paimio route. The roads were in perfect condition, only a couple of moist places. This is also a good route to test your condition, it has a lot of hills and is pretty hard. My feelings during the ride were that I'm moving in the right direction. My form isn't too good but it is good enough for this time of the year. Two months and three weeks to the big event, I think I have enough time to peak for LEVI24.

A photo summary of the ride...


The road to Kemiö.


More of the Kemiöntie.


Heading to Mathildedal and Teijo.


Ridley Excalibur in good use.


Some of the snow still left.


Mathildedal. Beatiful.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Road bliss





1h13mins and 32.5 kms with the road bike. Not really a recovery ride, but a ride to keep my legs and head happy. After riding the slush bike, the road bike feels awesome! Plan is to ride tomorrow 4-5 hours with this excellent machine.


And more stuff for bike maintenance, bought this today for the Syntace Torque Tool.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Stuff update

A parcel from H&S Bike-Discount arrived today, including: Sigma Sport Mirage Evo + Evo X Pro Endurance Kit, now I'm ready for Kangasala 24h's night time, and night/dark riding in general. Syntace Torque Tool 1-20 Nm, no more guessing with bike assembly and maintenance. Shimano PDM 959 XTR pedals, my current "24-hour machine", Wheeler 3900zx, has old, cheap Wellgo pedals, which are almost compeletely worn out. Time to change them. Michelin All Mountain 2.2" UST tires, good allround tires for comfy riding in 24-hour races. For worse conditions I'll be using Continental VerticalPro 2.3" UST tires. And finally Assos Chamois Cream, a must item for endurance racer, no more horrible saddle sores.

Fast commuting this morning, 21min10secs to work. Still, average heart rate only 138 bpm, but I was definitely a little tired, and even more tired in the afternoon. I rode with an easy effort to back home. Stats: 0:48:03, 19.34 km, 24.16 km/h.

For the Finnish speakers, this is pretty interesting,

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just some reporting

I just looked through my heart rate files of this week from Polar S710i, with Polar Precision Performance software, and the average heart rates ranges from 127 to 136 bpm. I'm a little suprised because commuting hasn't felt that easy. Maybe I'm tired while I'm riding but I was excepting higher average heart rates. On the other hand, the distance is so short that it feels more like a warm-up for a real exercise, only that after warm-up I have a day at work...

This morning it was cold, almost -6 Celcius, but otherwise great weather. Stats: 0:49:29, 19.30 km, 23.42 km/h (different, shorter route).

Changed tires to the slush bike. It had Nokian Hakkapeliitta W106 studded tires, now it has IRC Mythos Slick 1.95" tires. Those are quite old tires, from the year 2001. Interesting to see how much time it will take to work tomorrow...

The next weekend looks simply great, the weather forecast is predicting +13 Celcius temperatures! Looks like long road rides ahead!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pain commute

"Interesting" commute this morning. Winter did, hopefully, its last appearance. Actually, when I went to the garage everything looked fine, but when I got my bike outside it started to sleet very hard. This was painful. The sleet hit my face so hard that it really hurt, and visibility was nearly zero! Again, it took nearly 30 minutes, and all my clothes were soaked. This is the bad side of bicycle commuting. But on the other hand, it's not that impossible and its good for you morale.

Also, it is really good thing that I have that "slush bike". Weather like on this morning is definitely not for better bikes.

In the afternoon sun was shining and it was warmer. The snow is melting pretty fast, let's see if a road ride will happen in the weekend.

Stats today: 0:52:11, 20.05 km, 23.07 km/h.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Things going forward

Kangasala 24h  

The new web pages for Kangasala 24h are finally ready, and it's official: I'm in (click the pic). Registered yesterday, there's only my name but there should be others too.. and sent my registration to LEVI24 also. I have started planning the logistics for LEVI24 and Kangasala 24h, like travelling, equipment, support persons etc. This is really the very important part of 24-hour racing: preparing and planning.

Lights are not needed in LEVI24 but in Kangasala 24h they really are. I have already one set of Sigma Sport Mirage lights and decided to order the Endurance Kit. Not nearly the best light available but it has a good price/quality ratio. The Endurance Kit also includes an extra battery and a helmet mount. With two lights on the bar and one in the helmet they should work pretty well. Some other well needed stuff also coming, like Assos Chamois Cream.

Commuting was really hard this morning. Awful road conditions, heavy legs from yesterdays ride. With the slush bike it took 31 minutes. Stats for today: 0:55:56, 20.14 km, 21.61 km/h.

A great weekend ahead if the weather will be as forecasted:

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spring frost

Well, the weather forecast was not too promising for this day, but the day started with a sunshine. Decided to ride at least 3 hours with Simone, using the slush bike if the weather would turn bad. And it turned. The first two hours were pretty heavy with a nasty headwind, and it was cold, the temperature hovering at 0 Celcius. That would not have been a problem if I would have been dressed properly, but I wasn't. I was expecting a little warmer weather so I didn't wear my usual winter clothing. Big mistake! I wasn't feeling too good at the 2 hour mark, but after we changed our direction the wind was partly behind our backs. That helped and I started to turn higher cadence, and warmed up. But then started the snowfall, and it got worse. The last 30 minutes of the ride were pretty miserable but I was persistent to the end. Stats: 3:54:24, 87.36 km, 22.38 km/h and avg. hr. 139 bpm.


The spring is lost, but only temporarely...


Your bad weather warrior.

This was a good exercise because the conditions and the weather can be a real factor in the LEVI24.

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Fillari 07 Exhibition

The traditional cycling exhibition, Fillari 07, is in Helsinki Exhibition Centre this weekend. Visited there yesterday with MTB-Turku common bus drive, organized by Pave of MTB-Turku and Risto of Ajopyörä. Thanks for that! Lots of the latest cool stuff and nice people, I talked to organizer of LEVI24 (in the Kona division) and got some advance information about the event. Also got this:

Cool Kona T-shirt  

Also, the great news is that FRWD has been acquisited by Elisa and FRWD's development continues!

Löffler has very interesting biking shorts for 2007, with seat pad comfort extrem. These could be really good for 24-hour racing.

Trek Top Fuel of Mika Tervala.


Shimano had also a big division.


Ergon grips, the choice of many endurance racers.


The dream car of 24-hour racer?


Makke and Pave of MTB-Turku.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

A new phase...

...and it's a great one! Today was my second day in the new job, and first time commute by bike. Only 20 min 22 seconds this morning, but I was in a hurry (hr avg./max. 156/173 bpm).

I see a real opportunity here. It really feels now that I have work, hobby and other life commitments in balance.

More later...

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Feeling good!

Rode 2h9mins with cyclocross bike today. In the end, rode the long uphill to Paimio's Hospital, full effort, two times. First time max. heart rate 180 bpm, second time 185 bpm! And felt good!

Tomorrow I start my new job. No commuting by bike but surely on Thursday and Friday.

I have to change that old banner, "3-shift worker etc..", because I'm not a 3-shift worker anymore. Any proposals...?

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Roads calling...

Beautiful day! Changed the studded winter tires to normal cyclocross tires, Nokian Ravagozzi Cross. 1:53:16 saddle time, 49.57 km, 26.26 km/h, avg. hr 148 bpm.


Dry road calling for a road bike...


The greatness of Kemiöntie, hills...

Paimio-Sauvo section was almost completely dry, Sauvo-Kemiö was 50/50 dry/wet. But if the weather keeps this way it will get much better. 24-hour mtb racing is my priority but I love also road cycling. My plan is to ride a lot of endurance road rides on Easter...

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Saturday, March 10, 2007


It almost seems that I'm on vacation or something, in the middle of training season - silence here in blog, not much training, what's going on? Well, the last week was my last week in the old workplace, it was evening shift so there's was not to be so much activity. My work is not so easy that it is good to relax for a while. No training today, but I'm planning for a 3 hour ride for tomorrow and maybe even longer ride for monday because I have two holidays before I start my new work!

Spring is here, no doubt about it. Most of the snow have melted away. If it keeps this way I will be riding very soon on road with the road bike... sweet.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Paradise, paradise...

The last couple of weeks have been pretty silent in the training department. The final (hopefully) graveyard shift was over on Friday morning. I'm not too worried as I know that very soon I will be commuting a lot.

Yesterday I was really screwed up, I was really tired, but the day was great as we had visitors. We had a little party for my wife as she has graduated as a Master of Philosophy. Congratulations, I'm proud of you!

So, back to business today. What a great day! Sunny skies, a great weather, spring in the air! You could spend the whole day in the saddle. I rode with Simone today, and with cyclocross bike. We found really nice small roads. These roads will certainly serve well in the summer time for gravel grinder rides. Paimio is really a paradise for cyclist. 3:35:00 saddle time, 69.63 km, 19.43 km/h, average heart rate 135.

Simone hammering.

Another shot.

Suprising farm animals...

Sweet scenery...

Simone descending.

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