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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Getting excited...

Sweet... click below...


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Monday, February 26, 2007

Two weeks and counting

A short update today. The schedule of my transfer to new workplace is finalized: two weeks. The next week is an evening shift. The end of an era, a beginning of a new one!

24-hour racing season has begun, check out the news report of 24 Hours of Old Pueblo. One of the legends of 24-hour racing, Tinker Juarez, won it. What an amazing man!

At the moment I'm lusting for these...

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Saturday, February 24, 2007


It hasn't sink in yet that I have a new job. I did the unthinkable and right now I feel like a million dollars. The last two years have been pretty stressful but now it feels that this is a new start.

Anyway, I went for a short ride today, primarily to check out some of the local trails. They were fantastic! All the walkers have done a great work. Only 1:04:36 saddle time today, 19.22 km, 17.86 km/h and heart rate 147/183. It was nice to have some fresh air, I'm happy.

I'm planning for own pages for my bikes but I want take photos of them outdoors when the winter is gone. In the mean time here is a photo of my mtb and "24-hour machine":


I have been riding now with Continental VerticalPro UST tires. They are great allround tires and work really well on hardpacked snow:


I'm planning another longer trail ride for tomorrow, despite there's that graveyard shift looming... but hey, it will be the last one!

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Friday, February 23, 2007


Apologies for the silence, but it has been another busy week.

Back in the end of January I wrote that I have a lot of things going on, here. Now I can tell you some details, I have a new job! And that's why todays title is "BANG!". My new workplace is much closer to my home. Before my commute was 43 km by car (even more by bike). Now it is only 9.5 km! This means goodbye car, welcome bike! Just great! And that's not all. It is also goodbye graveyard shift, welcome 2-shift only. My work duties are pretty much the same as before, but there are some changes and I will have more responsibility at the new place. Everything looks much better now. I'm really motivated and this gives me also much better chance to train for upcoming season.

The transfer timeline will be arranged in the next week, which is by the way a graveyard shift.

More to come, stay tuned...

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Searching for endurance... but not today

A ride with the "slush bike" and Simone today. Nice weather. No photos but another video clip. I didn't know I look that happy when I ride! :-)

Todays stats: 2:27:15, 53.40 km, 21.76 km/h, hr 138/177 bpm.

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Weekends are too short

The title says it all... rode today for about an hour to check out some of the local trails with mtb.

Tomorrows plan: longer ride.

After ride...

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

A dream...


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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Racing plans

The preliminary racing calendar has been ready at Finlands Cycling Union pages for some time, so it's time to finalize my personal racing calendar for 2007. Last year my season was more focused on road cycling and road motion cycling events. After Kangasala 24h last year, which I rode more as a test, I found out that 24-hour racing is really suited for me. So this year I'm focusing on 24-hour racing, but I'm going to ride on road also, and participate in some road motion cycling events. But, unfortunately, some events are too close to each other. Last year I rode Pirkka Cycling, which I liked a lot, the course is really great. This year there is only one week between Pirkka Cycling and LEVI24 and one week is way too short time to recover for a 24-hour race.

There are many events I would like to participate in, but time and money dictates what I can do.

I will probably start the racing season with a local road time trial race, and I will participate to local races throughout the season.

19.5.07 LUP tempo - You probably wonder why I ride some road time trial races, but I think ANY training is good training for 24-hour racing. My first participation in this race was in 1998. This is the hardest long time trial (50 km) in Finland, organized in Mustio. I have never been happy with my times there. In 2004 I was able to ride with a good average heart (close to 180 bpm) and that is the last time I rode it.

After LUP tempo I will probably ride a 12 hour mtb training ride the next weekend.

3.6.07 Marathon Cup XCM2 in Korso. This clashes with Mynämäen tempoajot, but it could be the last hard race before LEVI24.

16.-17.6.07 LEVI24 Kona G24 Global Series -race. The big one!

30.6.07 Tahko 120. This is an event that I have wanted to ride for a very long time, as I have never rode it. It is only two weeks after LEVI24, but if I recover and it fits my budget, it is a possibility.

7.7.07 Riihimäki tempo. Not so sure about this but it is a nice road time trial.


10.-11.8 Kangasala 24h. Really hard 7.8 km loop last year, interesting to see what's in store for this year.

Mid-August. Eteläkärjen ajot - Sydspets Rundan. The greatest road motion cycling event in South Finland. I have rode it in 2003-2006, every year. If the date is 12.8 I'm probably going to miss it. Or, if I'm really insane...?

25.8 Myllyn Pyöräily. Another motion cycling event. Rode this in 2005, in a really rainy weather and wet conditions.

26.8 Marathon Cup XCM7 in Nuuksio.

1.9 Tour de Tampere MTB.

9.9 Marathon National Championships/Marathon Cup XCM8, Tampere.

23.9 FINLANDIA MTB, Hollola/Messilä. Last year I was in good form and was riding 3h35min pace but a puncture and mechanical problems ruined my ride.

29.9 Marathon Cup Finale XCM9, Hämeenlinna.

So a very interesting season is coming up. I'm sure there might come some changes to my calendar, but hopefully not.

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A good day, after all

I'm having a little bit difficult situation at the moment, but things are improving. I was planning for more long rides this weekend, but instead I rode only today for 2 hours. Yesterday morning it was again -25 Celcius, so there was really no reason to do a long ride.

This morning it was only -10, and when I went for the ride it was -5. Cloudy weather, but really nice, almost no wind at all. The first hour I rode fairly easy, but the another hour I rode much faster. In fact the feeling today was really suprising. I have not felt this good on a bike for a long time. I felt really comfortable, and my legs responded really well, great feeling! This is one of the many other reasons why I love cycling so much...

Todays stats: 2:08:56, 50.74 km, 23.62 km/h and heart rate 147/181 bpm.

As always, here some photos of the ride.

Near Yliskulma (Paimio/Lieto).

Some nice scenery.

I'm a little behind of my training plans but todays ride was a good sign. Next week is a evening shift at work but I must do a couple of similar faster rides and then next weekend it's time for long endurance rides.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Almost summer feeling...

...because I rode on rollers with the road bike tonight. 45 minutes, high cadence to keep legs happy. It has been really long time since I last rode on rollers, but it went well.

Looking forward for the weekend again. It seems that it won't be as cold as it has been for a few days now. More long base endurance rides in store...

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's cold, very cold

A short update today. It's -25 Celcius in Paimio at the moment (21:15). No training today, but I'm sure I try ride on rollers tomorrow.

If you think 24-hour mountain bike racing is insane, then check out this.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Recovery update

Had a short sleep at night, woke a little after 05:00. I wasn't that tired in the Sunday evening, but this morning I was! It's a morning/day shift at work this week.

While writing this I was listening music from Delerium, really nice for relaxing and recovering. The music makes me already dream about summer and cycling, both road and mountain biking. It's warm and sunny, green.... mmmm.... oh, time to wake up, this is coming:


We have winter alright...

There's by the way tons of cycling videos in YouTube, like this (great music that first track).

Time to take care of evening routines at home...

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

A group ride

I'm moving into right direction. This is the way to do it. Woke much earlier today, ate breakfast, put on my cycling clothes, filled my CamelBak and off I went. This time it was a group ride with Simone and Jarkko, and a great group ride it was. We rode really nice small roads nearby, the pace was really suitable, real base endurance pace, as my average heart rate was 129 (max 164). 4:40:18, 95.57 km and 20.45 km/h, so I was closer to 5 hours! This has been really good weekend.


Simone and Jarkko.


Riding and smiling, could it get any better?


Winter riding at its best.


Others drink these and have hangover, cyclist ride 4+ hours and have a great feeling!

The next week will be busy, but now it's good to do a couple of shorter exercises after these great rides.

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Back in the Saddle

Didn't wake too early, maybe woke too late, but managed to do what I wanted. The scrappy week definitely felt in my legs today. The weather was great but I wasn't. I'm not dissapointed, it wasn't that bad, but obviously I don't need another week like the last one. Duration 3:18:02, distance 68.20 km, average speed 20.65 km/h and heart rate 138/172 bpm. I rode with cyclocross bike because the temperature dropped a couple of degrees below zero at night and the roads were drier. My plan was to avoid big roads because they are salted and really wet and dirty. Todays exercise had nothing to do with "hammering" for sure, but it was a good workout. At the end there was nasty headwind and some tough climbs but I just rode with small gear without problems.

I tested one of the Hammer Gels and the taste is really great. Other gels tends to be too sweet but Hammer Gel is nice exception in that department. I have a feeling that these gels will work really great in 24-hour races.

A great day to be in the saddle.

From the beginning of Salaistentie.

A sweet road.

Nice view from Salakallio.

Another sunset photo, I like these...

Tomorrows plan is to ride 4 hours, probably with slush bike because the weather and conditions could be worse.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

A scrappy week

They call in snooker frames "scrappy" when things doesn't go smoothly. This week was scrappy for me. Sometimes evening shifts at work makes the whole week scrappy, but it's also a question of motivation, I suppose. I'm ready for the next week which I think will be a lot better. And before that I think I will have a great weekend...


I visited MDY Shop, a sports nutrition shop in Turku, today, and purchased some fuel for weekends rides. PowerBar berry flavour is my favourite sports drink, excellent for long rides and tastes great. Hammer Nutrition Hammer Gel is a new product at MDY Shop. Gels are great for races and motion cycling events, but of course good for ordinary rides as well.

The weather forecast looks nice for the weekend. It rained and sleeted today, and the temperature is predicted be +1 Celcius, which means that the road conditions will be really wet and partially slushy. No problem, going to ride with that "slush" bike.

As always, I have a lot of other things to do in the weekend. I have also a plenty of intereresting stuff to write about in this blog, like the review of 2006, 24-hour stuff and so on. Stay tuned.

And hey, you can also leave comments!

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Waiting for the weekend

Well, I'm not really "waiting", because it feels that time goes so fast. An evening shift at work this week. But I'm really looking forward for the weekend because I have not been training since last weekend. The weather forecast is very promising so I will probably hammer a couple of base endurance rides.

I have some equipment needs for this season, like lights, and while surfing the net I saw these, there is really cool intro, check it out!

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