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Teija Kotipalo
born 1977 in Finland


- BA in Estonian Academy of Arts (EAA), fine arts department, Tallinn Estonia 2003-2006
BA studies in Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava, fine arts department, Bratislava Slovakia, spring term 2005
- Illustrator, 
Ikaalinen College of Crafts and Design, Ikaalinen Finland 2000-2003
Academia Grata, Pärnu Estonia, fall term 2002
- Minsk Art College, Belarus, two months in fall term 1998
Art School of Liminka, Liminka Finland 1996-1997
- Senior High School graduated, 
Kuusamon lukio, Kuusamo Finland 1996


Photoshop, InDesign, Corel Draw, Premiere and Page Maker.
I also know the basics of HTML and I have some experience with Flash, Dreamweaver,
Illustrator, and Free Hand.
I feel as comfortable working with computers as I do by free hand and am always eager to learn more.
Government Stipend in IT, spring term 2002

teija dot raakku at gmail

Work experience

Tuubi Finland Oy / Arteljee
Artists' materials store
 28.8.2008 - present
- customer service, sales, buy-in, shopkeeping

City of Parainen, Parainen Finland
1.2.2007. - 31.12..2007
- office worker & school assistant at Koivuhaka Elementary School
- nanny at Merituuli Daycare, July 2007
- art teacher for children at Summer Art Workshop, June 2007

Lassila&Tikanoja, Espoo Finland
 5.6. - 30.9.2006
- office cleaning, customer service

Alternative Gallery Cnopt
 16.9.2005 - 3.6.2006
- voluntary work at the gallery

Lassila&Tikanoja, Espoo Finland
1.6. - 31.8.2005
- office cleaning, customer service

Crisis Prevention Center Osviitta
1.3. 2002 - 31.5. 2002 and
Ekström inc.
15.6. 2002 - 31.7. 2002
Illustrator studies /
practical training
-designed logo, brochures etc. to Crisis Prevention Center Osviitta
and designed home page and advertisement to Ekström Inc.

Hong Kong department store, Tampere Finland
Department of gardening supplies
 27.4. - 25.8.2000
- customer service, sales and taking care of the plants

Uusi ja Vanha second hand bookstore, Oulu Finland
Job trainee 2.11.1999 - 1.2.2000
- customer service, sales and decoration

Innokas Medical Oy, Oulu Finland
1.2. - 31.3.1999
- illustration
11.6 - 10.12.1997
- illustration and  transfering to multimedia product

Galleria Art Halvare, Oulu Finland
Job trainee 13.1. - 12.4.1998
-customer service, sales and other gallery work

Kotipalon Taimitarha Oy, Kuusamo Finland
Summer jobs for several summers in 1991-1998
- packing, spacing, filling and taking care of the plants
- guiding other workers



Finnish: native
English: fluent
Estonian: fluent
Swedish: basics


-"Nuiaga sõtta " Alternative Gallery Cnopt, 2006 Tallinn, Estonia

-"diamonds; diamonds always disappear from pockets, fall out somewhere or fade into air" Alternative Gallery Cnopt, 2005 Tallinn, Estonia

-Paintings in Koivurannan Kahvila, Oulu, Finland 1998

-"Paljas", croquise drawings exhibition in Oulu University dormitory toilet, Finland 1997


& other

-"Blending Genders" Paintings in Pärnu City Gallery, Concert Hall 2010 Pärnu, Estonia

-"Sense, Sensibility & Sex", with Katri Kuusk, Vanha kunnantupa, Parainen, Finland 2008

-"Murder Becomes Me", with Almondi Esco, Draakoni Galerii, Tallinn, Estonia 2008

-"Nothing Against Everything", with Riin Pallon & Katrin Rüütli, Estonian Academy of Arts Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia 2007

-"Kvinna!Nainen!Woman!", Gamla Kommunalstugan, Parainen Finland 2007

-"New Wave" Opening exhibition of Non Grata gallery Kunstikonteiner, Tallinn Estonia 2007
Participated in screening "Young and Wrestless"

-"Pärnu International Film&Videofestival", Tallinn Estonia 2007
Participated in screening "Young and Wrestless" at EAA

-"Antropomachia", Polümeer Culture Factory, Tallinn Estonia 2007
Participated in screening "Young and Wrestless"

-"Mõrv saab teoks", Hobusepea Galerii, Tallinn, Estonia 2006
Estonian Academy of Arts, painting III

-"Passage Nordique", Galerie des CROUS Beaux-Arts, 2005 Paris, France
retrospective drawing exhibition of Estonian Academy of Arts

-"Excursion",Viljandi, Estonia 2005
Estonian Academy of Arts students´ exhibition

-"GraafikaIN" Graphics Festival 2005, Pärnu, Estonia 2005
Participated with a serie of linocuts

-Art Workshop of painting, performance and land art, Lendava, Slovenia 2004

- "Tamsalu communist" with group F.L.Ü, Tamsalu Culture club, Tamsalu , Estonia 2004

-"10th International Film&Videofestival", Pärnu, Estonia 2004
Participated with two videos and helped organising the festival

-"GraafikaIN" Graphics Festival 2004, Pärnu, Estonia 2004
Participated with a serie of photos

-Ikaalinen Library,
shared exhibition of Ikaalinen College of Crafts and Design, line of Illustration, Ikaalinen Finland 2001

-Galleria Art Halvare, paintings in shared exhibition, Oulu, Finland 2000


-"Fly Doggies", with group C.n.O.P.T, Kaamos 06 -festival,
Looga farm, Valgamaa, Estonia 2006
"white III ", with Egle Vesk, Time.Space.Movement -festival,
Paide Estonia 2004

-"Doctors", with group Non Grata, Wienna Austria 2004
-"Doctors2674", with group Non Grata,
Lendava Slovenia 2004
-"The Old Gods are Back or Lee-Laa" with group F.L.Ü
featuring The Yelllow Wolfman
-"white I" SoToDo Performance Festival,
Open Space, Berlin germany 2004
-"Osta Kivi!" Performance Festival Europa in the City of Jurgis, Ziurlionis Museum, Kaunas Lithuania 2003
-"Nothing to say" on the streets of Vilnius, Lithuania 2002
-"Nothing to say" on the streets of Riga, Latvia 2002
-"Nothing to say" on the streets of Pärnu, Estonia 2002



-Erasmus Stipend for studying abroad, 1100€
granted by Estonian Academy of Arts 2005
-Stipend for studying abroad, 600€
granted by Ikaalinen College of Crafts and Design 2002
-Government Stipend in IT, 500mk
granted by Finnish Government 2002


- Russian Culture, with EAA, Russia 2005
- Museums Quartier, Wienna, Austria 2005
- Albertina Museum, Wienna, Austria 2005
- MUMOK , Wienna, Austria 2004
- Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland 2004
- Art Academy of Berlin, Germany 2004
- Art Academy of Vilnius, Lithuania 2001 & 2002

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