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I do not know how this whole thing ended up for the seller. The last thing I heard from British Phonographic Industry (BPI) last spring was that their agents were tracking him down.

PINK FLOYD – Oh By The Way box set – COUNTERFEIT!

I purchased Pink Floyd ”Oh By The Way” studio album box set through on March 14, 2010. The item was listed as US pressing, new and still shrinkwrapped. Yesterday upon receiving the box set I found out that it is fake - counterfeit - pirate copy.

There are masses of counterfeit record sets on markets – for example Beatles and Rolling Stones CD box sets and James Bond "region free" DVD box sets. You can easily find information about the Beatles box sets searching the internet but I could not find any details on this Pink Floyd set - so I created this page to present some clear signs of the counterfeicy of the item. I wish that this will help others identify counterfeit items.

Before opening the box set, everything seemed OK – except that the bottom part of the inner box was facing towards the side of the box. Instead of this green bottom we should see the side which lists all the albums included in the box set:

While checking the texts on the box more I noticed several typos: WWW.PINKFLOYDD.COM will surely take you nowhere, and "Printed in the UE" probably means EU?

Some more:

I opened the box set. There is a very strong stench of printing ink or solvent which is very common with Chinese counterfeit products.
Soon I found out that “Wish You Were Here” is missing the outer black shrinkwrap cover and sticker on it.
The same album is also missing the postcard, and “The Dark Side of the Moon” is missing the two stickers found in authentic set.

Checking the labels on covers, I noticed that there are two spelling errors:

Next – the individual albums. ”Obscured by clouds”: in the authentic box set the cover is rounded at the corners and has a textured surface.
In this counterfeit box set the cover is neither rounded nor textured:

There is a dent-like defect on the cover. As you can see the cover has scratches and smudge.
This kind of quality would not be accepted in an authentic set:

Next, “Meddle”. The cover should be matt and textured.
In this box set the cover is glossy and plain:

The text “SHVL 795” is upside down, and in the wrong corner. It should be located at the upper right corner of the back cover, not at the lower left corner of the front cover:

“The Wall” album should have a sticker with album name on front cover.
Instead the album name is printed straight on the cover.
Also here you can see smudge:

Gatefold covers should not have dotted lines to help the folding. Folding of the covers is very bad causing wrinkles:

IFPI codes are fake. There are master codes that should not exist in legal CD factories (like CC303).
Discs have scratches straight out-of-the-box. Once again this kind of quality would not be accepted for an authentic product.

Printing quality on covers and discs is lousy.
For example, “A Momentary Lapse of Reason” disc and one photo inside a gatefold cover:

One final notice: inside the outer cover, at the end of the folded paper, there are markings in Chinese (?):

Yay! Let's play SPOT THE TYPO!

I have contacted the seller but have received no reply. The next step is to contact ebay and paypal to open a case against the seller.

T. Soininen
March 21, 2010

March 23 - I added some more pictures and updated the notes to make the page more clear.

March 24:
Added the "spot the typo" part. I will send the box set today to Copyright Information & Anti-Piracy Centre In Finland (
) to get their statement on the counterfeicy of this item.

March 31:
Yesterday CIAPC sent me feedback: a written statement to prove the counterfeicy of this box set. I also finally got response from the seller. Based on the statement he promised to issue full refund.

The seller's own words: "This item was listed for sale in good faith,brand new,sealed and in perfect condition..." - "Of all my years of doing ebay,this is the first complaint I have had of this kind.If I had thought there would be such a problem with this item,I would have not attempted to sell it..." - "I have read the statement about the item and will be able to use it to investigate the matter further." Everyone can judge his comments on their own: I checked through his earlier items on eBay and this is definitely not the first such box set he has sold - there have been numerous other Pink Floyd / Beatles etc. box sets also.

Do not buy counterfeit products and if you get one instead of what you paid for, do not just let it be! Fight for your right, and for the right of the artists whose work you value. And folks - remember to support the local record store!

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