Photos: © Kaarina Pesonen

blue merle bitch, born 12.1.2003
size 34,5 cm, full dentition
HD: A/B, CEA-clear 6 weeks / 1 year, PRA+HC-clear 25.8.2008

3*CC, 1*rCC, 2*BOB, 1*BOS

Litters: F-, H- and K-litter

Fin&Est Ch
Charlie Brown

Int&Fin&S&Est&Lv&Ltu Ch
Lundecock's Touch My Soul
S&Dk Ch
Stationhill Crackshot
S&N Ch
Lundecock's Djinn
Eastdale Perchance To Dream Linlands Cesar
Longdells Crystal Star
Fin Ch
Chasin' Rainbows
Fin&Est Ch
Shelgate Changing Times
Int&Nord&Gb Ch
Reubicia Blue Flame at Ruscombe
Shelgate Stormy Sky
Fin Ch
Riishill's Riis-Sengaliis
Fin&S Ch
Nightwind Moonshiner
Riishill's Celeste