BLACKOUT- psychological thriller. A top cardiac surgeon wants to find out who shot him in the head.
PLAINLANDS -western. 1848, before the arrival of guns. In the Plainlands of western Finland. The authorities are powerless as groups of young men have their own rule, enforced by fist and knives. A story about love and revenge.
CHILD WONDER - drama. Helsinki: Sampo is 19 and makes exceptional charcoal drawings. He has been supposed to remain a child after a childhood head injury. When Nina, 18, top model, find out the reasons for Sampo's lovable eccentricities, it is too late: she is head over heels in love with him.
GRAFFITI - thriller. Arde will be 18 today. This is the night for his last graffiti, last night with the posse, before starting a new life. One's last graffiti must be special, and those are dangerous to make. Is it possible to step out of your life and start a new one?
VIRGO - love story. Sami, 24, is an archeologist from Helsinki. In the depths of Lapland he meets Noora, 22, a unique and absolute young woman. Noora has born and lived all her life there, in the middle of nowhere, with his father, environmentalist-fanatic. Sami and Noora fall in love. Noora lets Sami in a secret, an astonishing cave where people have lived 10000 years ago - with the condition that Sami keeps the secret..
FINLANDIA - drama. Finland, 1921. The bloody and cruel civil war has just ended and the wounds are still wide open. PJ Heikkilä, engineer, war hero, collects together a group of experts to secretly build a prototype of a car. It should start a new line of industry. Great expectations are attached to the project, and reflected in the name of the car: Finlandia. Can it heal the wounds of the nation? Written by Iiro Kuttner.
THE BOYS FROM VYBORG - drama. Late summer of 1944. Finland is fighting for its existence against the superior Red Army. At the home front, a boys' orphanage from Vyborg, a city conquered by the Russians, is evacuated. The trio of two orphan boys and a local girl, all 12 and outsiders, help a Russian prisoner of war to escape.