Welcome to Rougelike Games website. We make indie games with a full heart and an open mind! We do believe the beauty of independent games is that they can be so much more non-conforming, so much more freely associated than major releases which have to meet different kinds of regulations and conform to alot of compromises in order to fit a wide enough locker to reach sufficient audiences (thus making their ends meet, which can be enormous when it comes to triple A titles). Our goal is to provide you with games that'll offer you something different, something new, something fresh, something that makes you entertained and makes you happy.

Before we get started I'd like to clarify something, the fact that even though I'm speaking in plural (us, we), this "gamehouse" as a matter of fact is a one man team. So please forgive me if "our" progress at times seems a bit slow, the amount of work and manhours I'm putting in on crafting these games for you is gargantuan in terms of numerical values.

A bit of history, a bit of biography to paint a better picture of the persona behind our upcoming games. I was around 3 when I first got my hands on a gaming console, the year was '91 and the game was Super Mario Bros. We had some home VHS recorded of me playing it, everytime I had to jump over a gap, I would literally physically jump aswell, guess I was big in to immersion back then already :P As years went by I played alot of games on our NES, some of my friends also had SNES, and by the mid to late 90's PSes and N64's started to emerge even in our neighbourhood. Guess it was about the same time we got our first 3D games on our PC. We used to get an annual CD disk containing some of the best handpicked indie games made during the year. I believe that was when I first got interested in making games myself, I was only around 10 ofc but I remember having so much fun using level editors etc to make the games look more like me, then I'd have my brother play my selfmade levels against me (split keyboard ofc, oh the times xD).

Once when I was visiting a friend of mine, a few years older than me, he showed me something he had written in HTML. A kind of an interactive offline website where you could press stuff and things would happen. I was so amazed I knew I had to learn to do that aswell. So I started learning HTML. The next few weeks I would call him like 10 times a day asking for guidance (back then internet was basically dial-up and no one had even heard of such a thing as "Google"). After a couple of weeks I had learned enough to make my own interactive offline web browser game where you could "travel" between pages by clicking on different interactive "objects" (AKA images that were actually hyperlinks). Man was I proud! x). A year or two later I made my first functional textures for a real videogame. I draw some random shit on MsPaint and managed to integrate it in to The Sims, oh the authenticity!

As time went by I picked up a lot of multimedia know-how, a bit of this and a bit of that, you could say I've always been very interested in everything :D. Even though there were years where I didn't have anything to do with games aside from playing them, I never stopped being interested in how they function, how they're built, how things are driven. As I was playing I would always find myself trying to figure out why or how something is the way it is in the game, and how it was pulled together.

Now that I've matured a bit, I've really taken an interest in making games from scratch and trying my best to do it well! I'm a bit oldschool and my methods are self made. But I like to think of that as a pro rather than a con. Atleast my games should never feel like just another copycat of the current fashion of the month.

If you read this far, congratulations, alot of people don't have the interest or the attention span required for such a wall of text.

TLDR; I make gud gams happy, plei them haffun! :)



February. 13th. 2017

Our first official release!! We participated in the Home of Nerds gamejam which took place this weekend, the jam lasted from friday morning 'til early monday but I personally had only less than 24 hours to invest in to making the game for it :) It was a tight stretch and my blood pressure probably went up double digits but we pulled through, 25 minutes before the deadline "PERIFERIA" was published :)

You can get the game for free and have yourself a bit of good time ! If you like the game and think it fits the theme of "Dying is good" well enough, you might also consider voting for it, it takes only 5-10 seconds. Just hit the link below, select "Periferia" from the list and press vote, that's it!

Hope you enjoy the game! I'mma hit the hay now, tired but happy :)

Get it for FREE @ https://istvanyoutube.itch.io/periferia

Cast a vote @ https://www.poll-maker.com/poll982282x52De4B5c-41

February. 9th. 2017

2D street violence game coming along nicely. Done alot of tweaking with the physics, prototyping 1v1 local multiplayer and AI. I wanna get this absolutely right before I start filling the game with more content. Fundamentals first, then comes the candy! :)