The history of Icelandic sheepdog goes back to 900th century when the first settlers from Norway game to Iceland bringing also some domestic animals with them. The dogs of these settlers formed gradually into race which we today know as the Icelandic sheepdog. These dogs have been used for herding sheep, horses and cattle. They are also good guards as they welcome the visitors with the loud barking. However, they are far from being aggressive. Also in herding they bark which doesn´t mean that ideal Icelandic dog would bark all the time.

Icelandic Kennelklub was founded in 1960s. At the same time the breeding work of Icelandic dog got started. Pure Icelandic dogs where at that time already quite rare. The first registered dogs from Iceland were soon introduced also in other Nordic countries but to Finland breed came as late as 1989. Nowadays in Finland there are about 200 Icelandic dogs.

In different parts of Iceland dogs did have some differences in outlook. Even today there is a quite big variation among the breed. Cout can be either long or semi-long but it is always weather-resistant and easy to care. All colours are available.

Being a typical spitz breed, Icelandic sheepdog has erect ears and tail curved to back. Size variation is 38-48 cm. Face and whole appearance give kind and smiling expression.

The character varies as well, some are very independent but most of these dogs like to please their masters in all ways and quickly learn new things. They are very good companions and like to walk in nature. They don´t have hunting instinct so that´s why they are not easily running away from own yard. Most of them still have a strong herding instinct, so they can help their people with animals. They are also easy to train agility, obedience etc.

Icelandic sheepdog is a good family dog which loves children and other dogs and animals. They would rather spend all time with their people so compared with other breeds they need more training for being alone at home.

Finnish Icelandic sheepdog owners have an own club where we organise meetings, herding days etc. You are most welcome to ask about coming litters etc. Our Club magazine, HUNDUR, comes out 4 times per year.

Contact persons of ISLANNINKOIRAT
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