The breed of Icelandic dog is old but its breeding history is quite young. The character has been most important reason in choice of dogs. The character was also main reason why I became enthusiastic about this breed.

I visited in 1989 in Denmark one breeder. First dog I saw was black and tan little shorthaired (especially short, because she had just had puppies) bitch so she was not a beauty but the character was just what I was looking for. My first dog was Finnish Lapphund, Niila, but I was searching more lively and obedient breed.

In same autumn in 1989 I got my first Icelandic sheepdog from Denmark, Moska from Westmannas kennel (they got their kennel name later). Moska is first registered Icelandic sheepdog in Finland so we were introducing the breed here. We went in dog shows quite much and 1992 she became FIN CH and in same years December (27.12.1992) she got her first litter. Father of puppies is FIN CH FINW-93 Landi Barki, who lived in that time in Denmark. There was 5 males and one female; Breki, Bassi, Bragi, Bessi, Bjarni and Blida. Only female was black in colour others are red. It was also first litter in Finland of this breed. In that time came also some other imports from Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Moskas second litters father was planned to be young male in Denmark, but unfortunately it failed and we came back to Finland and father was Barki, who had moved to Finland. Second litter was born 16.4.1994; 2 males and one female. All puppies of this litter are  FIN CH´s – we have ourselves black-red-white male Arni-Pétur and red female Asta-Sóllilja, another male Asmundur is having beautiful red-white colouring.

Tunturiketun Asta-Sollilja or Sóla ([Soula], sun) was champion and she has been also one time BIG3, she has been only twice without CK – and she loved to show herself. Besides of dog shows I  trained obedience to her and we were in third class. She has been also in character test and got really high points (220/300). Her brother Arni has very strong herding instinct and they would had been really good cattle herders, but unfortunately we don´t have any more animals in our farm. Arni has been showed more seldom than her sister in dog shows, but he has also became FIN CH.

Sóla was mother to four Tunturiketun-litters. First litter was born 24.9.1996 – there was 2 males and 3 females (Maggi, Manni, Misla, Muska and Mimosa), father was INT S N FIN CH FINW-97 Gydjans Mundilfari. All puppies were red. Second litter was born 2.10.1997 and this litter father is Norwish N&S UCH Hrani. There was 5 males and 1 female (Huni, Hjalli, Hugi, Hnokki, Hallmar and Halla Sóldottir). This time all puppies were again red, but half of them has unusual blue mask, when others did have black and more diluted red colour. One of puppies, Hugi, lives in Denmark. Sóla's third uppies: Salkavalka, Skessa, Svala, Skundi, Skuggi, and Snoppi were be born 17.5. Father of this litter is EST&FIN MVA BALTW-98 PLPZSG-98 Ullälvas Sorti. Last litter was after Icelandic-import S CH Kersins-Tappi and it was born 23.10.2000. There was again 6 red (&white) puppies: 3 males: Tryggur, Thorri and Trölli and 3 females: Toa-Freyja, Thordis and Tofa. 

Sóla had a very gentle character and most of her puppies got also their mothers ability to training, so most of them has agility, obedience etc as some has allready taken part in competitions whit good results. In dog shows they have got also good results. They have also had quite healthy lifes. Some of Sólas puppies has had HD and some cases of heart mur murs has been found. Oldest are now over 10 years old.

In breeding we have continued whit two Sólas daughters: Halla (G-litter of two males born 25.1.2000 from insemination whit Icelandic male Godi)  and Freyja (11.9.2002 born V-litter (male + 2 females) whit Vikingur As fra Olafsvöllum & 4.6. 2004 born O-litter (5 males) whit INT&FIN&EST&LTU&LAT&S CH Tunturiketun Roni)

We have had also several females in breeding, which are not living here whit us, but has been part-owned by me. Ullälvas Skutla was mother to F-litter, 2.6.2001 born: 3 males and 1 female, there from I had also breeding rights for Fifilla. Wadsteinas Katla got litter 22.6.2002, in R-litter is 2 females and 4 males. Both litters are from Icelandic import INT&EST&LTU&S CH FIN L CH Fjalla-Freki. From R-litter we have at home Rimma Katladtr. Fina v d Swaenepoel came to my sisters home 2003 and she has had one litter 18.9.2005, this Ö-litters (1 male + 2 females) father is FIN&EST&ROM CH EV05 Punapihlajan Völur. From this litter Önn Abba  is living whit her mother. Fina is hopely having another litter in winter 2007. I have also two another females growing up, Hekla fra Timburhusinu and Blacstar Snella Gudridur. They I hope to breed 2008.
Next generation from these females has been continued whit Fifilla, which had K-litter whit FIN CH Kolur 11.12. 2003. This is very colourfull litter whit one darkred&white female, one black&white female, one black&tan female and one fawn&white male. Unfortunately Kolur left in another litter kidneydisease and in this litter bad HD so this litter has not continued futher in breeding. 
R-litter I have continued in two ways. As mentioned earlier O-litters father is male from this litter Tunturiketun Roni. Rimma Katladtr has had one litter, U-litter 29.1.2005 where was 4 males and 2 females, unfortunately both females death (cleft palate and some abnormality on another one) so there is left only males.

I have also co-operated closely whit Punapihlajan & Ketunsaran kennel and we have had several imported several males to Finland. They are living as familydogs in good homes, but we have their breeding rights. These males are Kolur, Westmannas´s Trölli Hrafnafloki, Lonestar Krunur, Litgeisli Bangsi. I have also breeding right to Kersins-Bjartur. 

Now we have two dogs at home, Móska, Sóla and Arni are allready death, but from our own breedings there are left two females, Freyja and Rimma. In future we hope to have male at home again. 

Most Icelandic sheepdogs in different countries get Icelandic names which are same names which are given to Icelandic horses. They are telling about the colour, character, outlook etc. All Tunturiketun´s puppies has also got Icelandic names. For example Manni means `little man` and he got his name, because he was and still is much smaller than his brother Maggi. All our litters got their first letter from their fathers first or if that is used from second etc. letter.