Contacts Transfer
Copyright © 2003-2007 by Juha Riihimäki

Contacts database (phonebook) transfer for S60 based mobile phones. So far none the PC suites for S60 based mobile phones that I have seen offer a complete contact database import/export functionality, something is always lost in the conversion. This is true also if you try to use SyncML and synchronize your contacts with MS Outlook for example. From this need came the Contacts Transfer application - it transfers the whole contents of the contacts database including thumbnail images and caller groups from one S60 based mobile phone to another via bluetooth, infra-red or a memory card.

If you do not have two SIM cards so that you could have two phones powered on to transfer the data directly from one phone to another you can use a PC (equipped with bluetooth or IR transmitter/receiver or a memory card reader) in the middle. Here are instructions to perform the transfer if you are using bluetooth, infra-red of a memory card on both phones (note that you can also use different media for the phones, e.g. export using infra-red and import using a memory card, if you're using a PC in the middle to transfer the intermediate file): Note that you may need a lot of space on your phone's C: drive because the contacts database will be heavily fragmented during the import operation. This of course depends on the size of your contacts database but I have seen it get over a megabyte. The contacts database will be automatically compressed when import is finished.

Download the application from the main page.

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