fMSX for S60
Copyright © 2003-2007 by Juha Riihimäki

MSX emulator for the S60 platform. MSX is an 8-bit home computer that first saw light in 1983. With this emulator you can play hundreds of games available in the web for the MSX platform. Emulation core is originally based on an adapted version of the fMSX/Unix version 2.7 source code. Although recent versions of the emulation core still resemble the fMSX/Unix logically almost no part of the original fMSX/Unix code is left in fMSX/S60. I have decided to keep the emulator name as fMSX still to honour the roots of the emulation code and the efforts of the fMSX/Unix author. Critical sections in fMSX/S60 have been written directly in ARM assembly language to gain speed. Main features are:

Currently available versions can be downloaded from the main page or from the version history at the bottom of this page. There are different variants of the emulator:

More information about the S60 platform and various devices based on S60 can be found on S60 Platform website. fMSX/S60 also has some additional requirements for the devices as follows (most of the Series 60 based devices fulfill these):

Due to copyrights the install package does not include any system ROMs, you need to add them separately after installing the emulator. I'm also providing a separate PC tool set for creating your own install packages from the system ROMs and/or game ROM cartridges and disk/tape image files. Note that with the "d" variant the tool is not much needed anymore because the emulator is loading all files from a location on the phone's memory card which can be accessed directly with the Nokia PC Suite on a PC running Windows and it is much easier to simply use Windows' file browser to copy the files to appropriate locations.

Thanks to HL-Soft there is now an external GUI tool available for creating system ROM and game ROM/disk/tape install packets (.sis files) for "a" and "c" variants. Have a look!

Some screenshots from older "a" and "b" variants running in 176x208 resolution:

Main menu (v0.97a) on a Nokia 7650 Main menu (v0.97b) on a Nokia 6600
Fast rendering mode Smart rendering mode Resample rendering mode Raw rendering mode
Fast rendering mode
(rotated cw 90)
Smart rendering mode
(rotated cw 90)
Resample rendering mode
(rotated cw 90)
Raw rendering mode
(rotated cw 90)

I'm sorry for the absence of proper documentation, here is a small FAQ:

Change history: