Free S60 Software

All S60 based software available on this page have been tested to work on several S60 based phones. Generally, unless otherwise stated, all software on this page should run on any S60 based device. However there are no guarantees whatsoever and if you choose to install or run any of the provided software you will do so at your own risk taking full responsibility of any possible damage to your device or the software and data stored in it.

If you experience problems installing the software on this page on your S60 3rd edition based device please make sure that you are trying to install a version intended for S60 3rd edition. Also make sure that you have set the Software Installation setting in the App. Manager on your device to All instead of Signed only. It is normal to get warning messages about security and incompatibility while installing the software and you can safely ignore all of those -- this is because as I am providing the software here completely for free I also do not want to pay for the development either and to get rid of the warning messages during installation the software would need to be certified which costs money.

Copyright © 2002-2008 by Juha Riihimäki

Clone for the classic coin-op arcade game Xevious. Maps and graphics adapted from the xbat game for Unix. Contains 16 levels and three difficulty settings. Help for controls is included in the game (wait a few seconds in the title screen for the instructions to appear). No sound. Latest update (v1.05) contains device compatibility patches with 64k color displays.

Binary download size approx. 87kB (v1.00) or 92kB (v1.05), installed size approx. 125kB (v1.00) or 91kB (v1.05).
Source code (C++) size approx. 330kB (10,000 lines) for v1.00 and 340kB (11,000 lines) for v1.05.

Download install package for version 1.00, intended for devices with S60 1st or 2nd edition.
Download install package for version 1.05, intended for devices with S60 3rd edition.

fMSX for S60
Copyright © 2003-2007 by Juha Riihimäki

MSX emulator for S60. MSX is an 8-bit home computer that first saw light in 1983. With this emulator you can play hundreds of games available in the web for the MSX platform. Emulation core is originally based on an adapted version of the fMSX/Unix version 2.7 source code. Click for here more detailed information. I have also further ported my emulator to the S80 platform, see this page for more information.

  • version 1.07a, intended for devices based on S60 1st edition
  • version 1.19b, intended for devices based on S60 2nd edition
  • version 1.10c, intended for Nokia N90
  • version 1.19d, intended for devices based on S60 3rd edition
  • PC tool set for creating install packages from system ROM and cartridge ROM images.
    • Currently configured for 1.10 version.
    • Cannot be used as such with the more recent versions of the emulator (see the details page for more information).
More details on S60 platform and the devices can be found on S60 Platform website.

   v1.07a    v1.19b    v1.10c    v1.19d
Binary download size approx. 113kB 268kB 195kB 504kB
Installed size without ROMs approx. 316kB 300kB 238kB 535kB
Source code (C++/asm) size approx. 1600kB (47,000 lines) for a/c and 3700kB (96,000 lines) for b/d version.

Contacts Transfer
Copyright © 2003-2007 by Juha Riihimäki

Have you ever tried to copy the contacts database from one S60 based phone to another? Perhaps using a PC suite or SyncML? Perhaps you have noticed that something was missing in the end? No problem, with the Contacts Transfer application you can copy the entire contents of the contacts database includig thumbnail images and caller groups from one phone to another via bluetooth, infra-red or a memory card. Click here for more detailed information.

Binary download size approx. 18kB, installed size approx. 33kB.
Source code (C++) size approx. 140kB (5,000 lines).

Download install package for
  • version 2.00, intended for devices running S60 1st or 2nd Edition
  • version 3.02u, intended for devices running S60 3rd Edition